The Good Wife

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on CBS
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The son of Alicia's former friends is charged with felony murder and Alicia decides to defend him, despite the fact that they ostracized her ever since the scandal.

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  • I don't hate The Good Wife, but I do dislike lawyers with innocent clients and people who do it with their underwear on.

    See, lawyers are a staple of television and, as such, doing a show about lawyers unavoidably has a tendency to cliché and repetition. For decades, TV presented an image of what a "good guy lawyer" is, which involves somehow representing innocent people in extremely convoluted criminal cases. And then there was The Practice. It was well written (for half of the seasons it lasted, anyway), it was well researched, and most of all, it had a slightly more realistic take on lawyers. That is to say, they were lawyers who represented guilty clients (which tend to be the only kind of client a criminal lawyer ever gets) and kind of freaked out when they had to represent a completely innocent guy, crushed beneath the responsibility.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but there hasn't really been a successful lawyer show ever since. Boston Legal carried the torch, but it steered clear of criminal law, instead recapturing some of the Ally McBeal weirdness. So I guess I'm spoiled. The Good Wife comes along, I like the premise, I give it a shot for a few episodes... and, as it turns out, it's not terrible. It hints at the now unavoidable conspiracy theory, it is feminist in all the right ways... but it is still Perry Mason. Our guys are the good guys, sticking it to an overzealous, politized justice system by defending the misunderstood underdog. That was just boring in the 80s and 90s, but after almost twenty years of honest storytelling in television, from Hill Street Blues to House or The Practice, it just won't do.

    This episode's premise, for instance, is far more interesting if the kid being defended by Alicia actually DID push the security guard, if the kid actually accidentally caused him to hit his head and die if the kid is caught up in a legal case that turns his unfortunate teenage ruthlessness into murder. Is it too harsh? Does it serve a purpose? Why is it done that way? What do you argue against it? Instead, it comes down to whether or not the sprinklers of the posh neighbourhood are turned on at precisely 11:15. I honestly couldn't care less.

    That, and I absolutely hate when TV characters have sex with their underwear on while completely covered by bed sheets. It reminds me of The Flintstones and their separate beds and absolutely demolishes suspension of disbelief (besides making the characters feel like rather boring people). Children have probably seen stronger depictions of sexual acts in their saturday morning cartoons, if that's what we're supposed to be worried about.moreless
  • The Good Wife is good.

    After two okay, but not amazing, episodes The Good Wife delivered its strongest offering yet. The writing was solid, the acting was decent and the show continues to be one of the most accurate portrayals of the legal system on television in years, probably since The Practice. The Good Wife also continues to deliver strong numbers in the ratings restoring my faith in Americans that they know good TV when they see it.

    The cast is really starting to gel and come into its own and I hate to draw on another Practice but you just get that strong ensemble feel from this group even though the show is named after the lead actresses' character.

    The Good Wife is more than a legal show, it is an empowering female program that appeals to all age groups and genders. And it gets better by the week.moreless
  • Good writing, great story

    For sure, this is the show on Tuesday I wait for most as it seems to be clear that this show is having very balanced level and there won't be many highs and low, rather one quite good level.

    This week's story wasn't bad. Not at all. But this episode maybe little lacked some of the emotion, that was there in last week.

    But I really liked how this episode somehow brought back the shadow of that family's past life, specially on the kid side. They used to live in different neighborhood, in house not in apartment. And the way that girl took all that, the start of the episode: there was something so pure and real. I mean: child, turn out of her comfort surrounding and all the things they are thinking about their father.

    But still, the main good point was on the case. I really liked that this time the case was not handed to her, but the boy picked her and how the story development, between a boy she cared and the family who did not want to know her anymore.

    Good writing, for sure.moreless
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    • Lauren: Now that this is over, we should... I don't know, maybe have lunch. Pretend none of this ever happened. I'll call you, okay?
      Alicia: You're not going to call. And we're not going to have lunch. And that's okay. It really is.

    • Will: Didn't think anyone was still here.
      Cary: Just prepping for court.
      Will: By reading case law, huh? You're better off watching experienced trial lawyers.
      Cary: Yeah, well, new kid on the block. I don't get much opportunity to shadow seniors. Though I have learned a lot by watching Alicia. She's definitely got some serious skills.
      Will: We suspect it's a Georgetown thing.
      Cary: No doubt. No doubt. Yeah, that's a long time to stay friends. Since college and all. So, it's really commendable-- you championing her the way that you do.
      Will: Yeah, know what's great about someone like Alicia? She's a natural. She doesn't have to try so hard.

    • Kalinda: You realize Cary's never been to trial before.
      Alicia: How is that even possible?
      Kalinda: Easy. By pleading out every court case that comes your way.

    • Kalinda: Think they've got enough manicured lawns here?
      Alicia: Grass can't be more than two inches tall. Neighborhood association wields a mighty sword.
      Kalinda: Pretty. Doesn't seem like a good fit though-- you living here. Was it?
      Alicia: I did it for 10 years. I liked it at the time.
      Kalinda: Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

    • Cary: Reminds me of my old high school.
      Kalinda: Reminds me of the schools I used to vandalize.

    • Alicia: Your son asked me to represent him.
      Kenny's father: Without our consent.
      Alicia: He doesn't need your consent, he's 18.
      Kenny's father: And how do you think he's going to pay for it?
      Alicia: I don't know. We'll work something out. And althought I might not be as seasoned as Mr. Streiger is, I can guarantee you I care a lot more about your son than he does. Kenny will get the best defense.

    • Lauren: You didn't have to drive all the way out here. You could've called.
      Alicia: I could've. But a boy I saw grow up asked for my help. And his mother used to be a friend.

    • (on the phone)
      Peter: I tried to call earlier. It's been a long line.
      Alicia: So...
      Peter: I guess we used to be more comfortable with each other's silences, huh?
      Alicia: I'm sorry, it's just we're running late.

    • Kelinda: The average teenage boy sprinting would likely be in the range of 8 to 10 miles per hour.
      Alicia: How do you even know that?
      Kelinda: Would you believe me if I told you I was a track coach life in a previous life?
      Alicia: No.
      Kelinda: Okay.

    • Alicia: He's a family friend that got into some trouble.
      Will: Legal trouble? Or my parents don't understand me problem?

    • Alicia: Kenny isn't capable of doing this.
      Kalinda: Well, how well do you know him?
      Alicia: Very. His mother was my first friend in Highland Park.
      Kalinda: Oh, yeah?
      Alicia: Well, and the first person to stop talking to me.

    • Kalinda: You oughta try it some time.
      Alicia: Flipping someone off?
      Kalinda: It's good for your soul.

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