The Good Wife

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2010 on CBS
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Alicia learns more about Peter's fall from office when she represents Glenn Child's wife, Marie Browning, in her divorce appeal. Meanwhile, Will and his opposing counsel named Emily, get cozy during a death suit against Duke Rosco, a caustic TV commentator.

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  • Alicia gets pulled off a hot first amendment case to a divorce involving her husband's nemesis, Glenn Childs. Great!

    First, I'd like to say I'm an optimistic rater. Don't hate me for giving this a ten, I thought it was amazing. (btw, spoiler alert)

    First of all, I love the first amendment, and despite the bile coming out the idiot's mouth, this was a happy ending for me because the Constitution rocks--remember the last episode with the first amendment? "The Constitution has to do with everything"--and because they found the girl in the end. The flirtation between sides was also amusing, and I found Duke a very realistic character. We saw Calinda doing more of her awesome investigating work again--a very nice touch of a cynical, hard-nut detective working behind the scenes, underpaid. I do love her scene with Alicia in the end.

    On that note, I loved Alicia in this episode. I could sense her longing for vindication and her professionalism at war under her cool exterior at that divorce meeting as the once-Ms. Childs fed her tidbits. I saw her being compared to clumsy Cary at being good with clients, and felt her disappointment, plus the collision of her personal and professional lives. And none of these were played up too much. This sort of thing just happens on The Good Wife, realistically and with depth--that's why I love this show.moreless
  • Another superb episode!!!

    Great episode!! If I'm not mistaken, this was the first time that they dealt with two different cases on the show, and they were both quite interesting to follow. It was also the first time that the lawyers from Stern, Lockhart and Gardner lost a case since the judge decided not to rule in their favor.

    I like the fact that the episode continued to build on the story line between Alicia and Peter. We also got to see more of the competition between Cary and Alicia.

    That tv journalist/commentator had some interesting views that gave the episode a good dose of comedy, especially at the end when he said that Diane Lockhart was secretly a lesbian! Hahaha...

    Definitely one of the top episodes of the season.moreless
  • Great episode, love this show

    This is a great episode, I really love this show, it is a real treat. Alicia is great in this episode, and it shows that she still cares about her husband. I think that her husband will has no real intention of changing, but wants his old life back. I think that the writter should have another person that would stay several episode showing interest to Alicia, this would complicate matter a bit. Perhaps someone else from her old firm, or even better the lawyer from orthodox season one episode could come back with his licence...

    I also do not think that Childs would have agreed so fast to all her wife demand. that was weirdmoreless
  • Brilliant

    That was really strong episode.. in every level. The way every char was involved, the way the heat was risen and how everyone was getting into more and more trouble.. I can see that this one case may come back to Alicia but she got some information and I hope she puts it into good use as she really made that man angry...

    And the case.. what a brilliant one. First the way everyone was involved.. and some involved in other ways too.. And what they were up against: the right to speech.. and to lose that.. Was it their first case turning the show they lost? But it was brilliantly presented, build.. Loved the judge..moreless
  • Episode 111

    Another great episode of The Good Wife tonight, the highlight of CBS' Tuesday block, in my opinion. The show featured a guest appearance by Craig Bierko (Unhitched, Boston Legal) as an arrogant talk show host who reported the "truth" on issues in the law. The character seemed so exaggerated, but you turn on any cable news station nowadays and you'll see several personalities just like him.

    The episode also brought out an angry side of Alicia we haven't seen too often, with her showing distaste over being assigned to a divorce case instead of the big one featured on TV. Nice progression there, and I expect to see her go completely mega-woman later on in the season. Great episode tonight, but I've expected nothing less from the show the past few months.moreless
Craig Bierko

Craig Bierko

Duke Roscoe

Guest Star

Kat Foster

Kat Foster

Emily Tartan

Guest Star

Suzzanne Douglass

Suzzanne Douglass

Judge Keely Farmer

Guest Star

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Peter Florrick

Recurring Role

Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver

Glenn Childs

Recurring Role

Denis O'Hare

Denis O'Hare

Judge Charles Abernathy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof:

      When Alicia meets David Lee in her office he says he needs her at a meet and greet upstairs in 45 minutes to hand hold a client. As he is about to leave Alicia says she has a settlement on the Duke Roscoe case in an hour.

      Later as Alicia is going to the meet and greet she is seen walking past the settlement meeting which has been under way for some time. From what was said earlier in her office she should have been at the meet and greet BEFORE (in 45 minutes time) the settlement meeting had started (in 60 minutes time). So either there is a continuity goof, or she is over 15 minutes late for the meet and greet which would be very unprofessional.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Alicia: So you're using me for leverage.
      Carla Browning: Yes. Does that make you uncomfortable?
      Alicia: It makes me mistrustful.
      Carla Browning: So use me back.

    • Alicia: I'm working on a divorce case, Peter, and I just see... I see how easily people fall back into old habits.
      Peter: But that won't happen to us.
      Alicia: Why won't we?
      Peter: Because we see the problem. And we'll know how to avoid it.

    • Emily Tartan: The network doesn't want a long, drawn out trial. We would like to move on.
      Diane: You mean from Cheryl Willen's suicide or the loss of ten sponsors?
      Emily Tartan: You don't need to sell it anymore; we're here.
      Diane: That wasn't selling; that was rubbing it in.

    • Alicia: I'm tired of being the one who has to hand-hold the clients. You know, they send me off to get a client to agree to do something I- I'm not even involved with, because they send me off to hand-hold the client.
      Kalinda: You're babbling.
      Alicia: I know. Thank you.
      Kalinda: Look, it's not a conspiracy. You're good at it.
      Alicia: That's what my brother used to say to get me to do chores:"Alicia's good at it". I've worked two months on this Duke case, and now that they're settling, I'm off on some divorce case, and Cary gets all the glory.
      Kalinda: Yeah. Life stinks.

    • Peter: Glenn, you wanted the prize. You wanted the office. So, enjoy the spoils.

    • Detective Frank: It's an ongoing investigation!
      Kalinda: The Lindbergh Baby is an ongoing investigation.

    • David: We're starting a soft ball league and I'm looking to see if you're up for playing first base.
      (Alicia looks confused)
      David: Joking.

    • Will: Your honor, if you're going to yell, "Fire!" in a crowded theater, there better damn well be a fire!

    • Cheryl: My husband is a very dangerous man and I'm scared; you understand that, don't you Mrs. Florrick?

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Hanebnost (Shamefulness)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: February 28, 2010 on Hallmark
      Germany: July 14, 2010 on ProSieben
      Finland: August 9, 2010 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: October 17, 2010 on JOJ

    • Despite a fairly prominent guest-starring role as Glenn Childs' attorney, Marty Lustberg, Stephen Schnetzer was omitted from both titles and end credits in the original broadcast of this episode.