The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 18

Killer Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

The case this week features a girl that was murdered. It turns out that the convicted killer, Jarvis, has written a song about this crime. The parents of the girl are suing Jarvis over the royalties he's received from his song. Alicia takes Jarvis in for questioning. He is a very creepy, sociopathic man.

Natalie Flores (America Ferrera) returns in this episode, who has questionable feelings for Eli. Natalie's father is in danger of being deported. Natalie was struggling with both helping her father and her relationship with Eli. Alan Cumming showed his excitement for seeing Natalie again while Eli stays under the radar and tries to help her dad.

Kalinda and Peter have a serious conversation. Peter tells her that he is in love with his wife again. He wants to be with Alicia and would do anything to get her to know this. But whether Alicia would want him back is another question – she's come a long way from the woman she was when she was cheated on.
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