The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 18

Killer Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2011 on CBS

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  • A good wife in a morally ambiguous environment.

    This series does not stop surprising me. Out of all the legal shows following the same pattern with predictable happy endings, The Good Wife stands out. It dares to deal with moral grey zones and sometimes the bad guy gets caught, sometimes he walks. The show imitates life: all fates aren't always fair. The scripts for this show are the only law related texts of which can safely be said that they are not boring. This time the net around Kalinda (played by the superb Archie Panjabi) continued to tighten. This is clearly bringing out a vulnerable side of her which we haven't seen before. Eli Gold also showed a softer side to his calculating persona by playing a saviour to a girl in need. What is so exciting in this show is that the characters are so clearly multi dimensional; well behaved in one moment, prepared to do anything to turn the game in their favour the next. If this continues, we are really in for an exciting season finale. The episode kept the tension from the very beginning to the end, it never failed to entertain. More episodes like this one are needed in other shows too.
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    The Good Wife has had an up and down second season, but this episode did not really do it for me. A somewhat confusing case this week and not really one that I can say I had a long interest in. I will give them credit for tackling a unique issue in crediting musicians, but I think that it was a pretty big fail if they were trying to create compelling courtroom scenes this week.

    America Ferrara did a good job as Natalie Flores a few weeks back, but her appearance did not really add much to this episode. The ending with Peter did not really provide the shock they were going for either.

    Just an average installment in my book.
  • The Good Wife continues to evolve, with shifting allegiances, romances that go hot and cold, and friends that become enemies, and vice versa. Sometimes it seems inconsistent, but is consistency the hobgoblin of small minds?

    The Good Wife has several hot subplots with complex and interesting characters. Sometimes it seems like they drop a thread, rather than tying up the loose ends, but maybe the thread is just dormant and will resurface when you least expect it. What is happening with Alicia and Will? Will is going through of series of flings, but wasn't Alicia supposed to be his true love? Is Alicia warming up to her philandering husband, Peter? Kalinda and Eli were some of the most ambiguous characters, but now it seems like Eli has a crush on America Ferrera! He also an ex wife and a sassy daughter. Kalinda was all over the map, but was she just using her allure to further her investigations? It seemed like a very hot romance was heating up between her and Blake, but now they are mortal enemies. Kalinda and Peter? What about that woman that Kalinda was making out with in the evidence storage locker? Was that just another ploy? Kalinda and Cary? It seemed like Cary did have a crush on Cary, but Kalinda made it clear that he wasn't in her league. Now it seems like Kalinda is in trouble, and either she is starting to appreciate him a little more, or else she is just trying to exploit him. The relationships of the main characters, the fate of the law firm, and Peter's election are the ongoing stories, but then along with that, there are the legal cases. This episode, Killer Song, had a very interesting case about a serial killer who wrote a song that was recorded by a popular band, and wants to receive his song writer royalties. The song may be about a murder he committed, and there is a law that prevents killers from profiting from their crimes. I liked it when he compared his lyrics to Elvis Costello and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Gerard Manley Hopkins? Oh, Margaret, why are you grieving, in the golden grove, unleaving? That is just off the top of my head, so it might not be a totally accurate Gerard Manley Hopkins quote.

    The Good Wife is my current favorite show, because along with the drama, there is the material about politics and the law. I like the moral ambiguity, as sometimes justice is served, and sometimes you get another dish entirely. Cary was a good guy, then an enemy, then maybe a good guy, again? Kalinda, my favorite character, seemed like a bad, bad, girl. But with Peter? That crossed the line. How will Peter and Alicia work that out if Alicia finds out? Ménage à Trois? Yeah, well, Alicia may be a good wife, but I doubt that she'll be THAT good.
  • Television at its best

    So many good shows have been cancelled that I hesitate to jinx "The Good Wife" with to much flatterery. However, for anyone looking for a show with substance, fine acting, and great story lines, "The Good Wife" has it all.
    Whoever put this cast together should recieve an award for brilliance. There is such fine chemistry with this cast of people that you forget that you are watching television and the show always always ends to soon. Thank-you, thank-you... for NOT giving the viewing audiance another "Reality" show. I am so fed up with Large sweaty people sobbing, Mean people trying to suckup to The Donald, Groups of needy women wanting a rose from a Creepy bachelor, and Yawn, another Survivor.
    For those people with IQ's above 25 try giving a really good show a look see. I did and I'm hooked.
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