The Good Wife

Season 3 Episode 10

Parenting Made Easy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • Parenting Made Easy


    Toward the end of Season 2 and now in Season 3 we have seen this show put an increasing importance on developing these supporting characters, and sometimes it really pays off like it did tonight. Seeing the two applicants fighting in arbitration was great entertainment and then their bosses, Alicia and Louis, getting involved made it even better. Add in some good comedy from the arbitrator played by John Michael Higgins and you have a great storyline.

    The "missing" Grace was well-played and well-acted by everyone involved too. This was definitely one of the strongest episodes of the season.

  • Romance is dead for Alica and Will.The long joyous road to romantic bliss has become to complicated for our Romeo and Juliet. Should she sacrifice her happiness for her kids? and did this relationship spark up some resentment between Alica/Diana?


    Generation gap any body?Diana clearly hates beeing kept out of the loop. When Will and Alica become close she immediately reacts in a way we never see before. Obviously as Will's partner if his actions are going to affect her company then she has to put a stop to it. Will tells her to stop mothering him. Is his own way of telling her to stay out it. I always felt lie Diana had so much more respect for Alica before she learned of her affair With Will.

    For someone who does everythimg by the book, i was rooting for Alicia when she finally gave into Will. I felt slightly defeated when Diana refused to let them get on with it. Not to mention the various other factors in Will and Alicia's lives that place a wedge between them. Diana views Alicia as a woking mother, proffesional,and respectful woman. The events that follow alters that perspective completely.

    Yes even Alicia fears that she is losing sight of her obligation and commitment to her family. Somuch so that When supposedly goes missing just the sight of the lingerie in her room fills her with disguised. She glaces at her silky knight piece as though commiting a crime.

    The most important thing is family;at the end of the day that is whats critical. Will somehow realises this towards the end, buisness and pleasure donot make a good cocktail. The supposed happy couple are in sync about that conclusion. What isso obscure is why Will never fights for his girl. It's like someoes gagged him and he can not react. Is it Diana, although i would hate to paint her in such a maliciouse way.

    Thebrake up scene shows Willand Alicia in an awkward cold embrace. which leads back to Dianas reaction, she glares deeply at them. Until Alicia makes her last goodbye and walks emotionally yet proffessionally down the hall way. I imagine she was repeatedly saying to her self don'y let them see you cry and...Idid what had to do for my family.