The Good Wife

Season 4 Episode 14

Red Team, Blue Team

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Quick turn around....

    I must say I thought they were going somewhere good with Alicia, Cary and the other 4th yr associates, but my what a difference a few days can make. Yeah Cary would have done the same but I kinda suspect (hope) Alicia has her own agenda and reason's for saying yes, looking forward to what's coming.
  • This is war

    After nearly four seasons of trying to sell their viewers the good-feel story that lawyers could be nice people, "The Good Wife" suddenly decided to show us they were just lawyers. For 83 episodes Will, Alicia and the rest were human beings who had their weaknesses, some of which could lead any of them to jail at any given moment, but at the end of the day, the bad guys were on the other side of the bench. In the previous episode we did have a glimpse that something was definitely going to change, Nathan Lane's farewell "I will not miss you" said it all all.

    What on earth The partners needed 3 million dollars and offered partnerships to 5 young associates. Suddenly they did not need the money anymore and took the money off the table. Besides the ethical disturbing issue about pulling back an accepted business offer, (wasn't there already a binding contract in place?), the appalling non reaction of the name partners to what can only be described as a breach of contract is simply stunning.

    The plot to leave the firm by Cary, Alicia and the rest brutally unrealistic, but this is TV, this is America, so why not.

    What is truly ridiculous is the firm trying to defend the producers of "Thief". Will Garner should be on the other side of the argument, he always is. The writers made him suddenly a poor lawyer so that he would actually lose a case and appear a little bit more human. The rub is that Will, the human being, agreed to be a greedy lawyer by defending a company that obviously endangers its customers. The striking point is that even the CEO of the evil company appears more humane than Will. Yes we know he is probably thinking of his balance sheet, but somewhere behind that, we might even see a human being.

    Why on earth did Lockhart and Gardner ever dreamed of winning such a case? What is next, defending the tobacco lobby? As good as Cary and Alicia are shown to be, the case looks rather simple to a layman.

    In the middle of this battle, we get to see our favorite crazy lawyer (Carrie Preston) demolishing the judicial system by cheating even more than they were.

    At the end of the day Alicia becomes a partner, thus betraying her young co-conspirators. She is chosen as the one that would break the revolution because she is, or will be the governor's wife and because she slept with the boss. There is not even a hint that she might be the best lawyer in the group.

    Eli Gold, Peter Florick and Wendy Scott-Carter suddenly appear to be nice decent people, at least when you compare them to all the lawyers. Does this sound troubling? It certainly makes you want to see more, but how much more. The real question is can such a dramatic reversal of character be accepted by the TV viewers. We have accepted a serial killer, a mafia boss as acceptable heroes, but that is the way they always were, true to themselves as morally wrong as they could be. Can the nice guys become bad ones only to get a 5% larger bonus? .

  • Red Team Blue Team

    Another really strong episode of The Good Wife, a show that continues to be edgy, innovative, and yet masterful with today's legal system on a weekly basis. Excellent trick by Elsbeth and Eli, although I would like to see Kyle Maclachlan do battle with them again somewhere down the line.

    The mock trial was heated and excited, although a bit unrealistic. They wouldn't do something like this, and why settle when you now know what the prosecution would attempt?
  • Finally a good episode

    I have watched The Good Wife from the very first show and have found myself extremely bored with it this season. Too much procedural stuff, not enough about personal relationships, character development, etc. Plus, how many times does Lockhart Gardner have to dig themselves out of a hole? Seems like they're always at the verge of bankruptcy. Anyway, tonight's episode was really great - more reminiscent of The Good Wife from the first and second seasons. And, yay, Will and Alicia! The Alicia/Peter deal is soooo boring. Bring back the Will/Alicia passion! And now that they're hey, anything can happen. Whoopee!
  • How did it end?

    Please somebody, my cable network ran overtime on the previous show and cut the end off the Good did it end? Please send your response to . This was for the Feb 17 show. Thank you very much.