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The Good Wife

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2009 In Season



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The Good Wife Fan Reviews (92)

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  • The Good Wife should end....

    I loved this show, when Will got killed that should of been the last show so boring zzzzz
  • Will is coming back?

    I stopped watching my favourite show after Will's death but watched all the episodes last week because I heard that the Producer is planning to bring back Will in Season 6. There are very few shows which maintain their ratings after crossing 5th season. I hope they bring back Will so that the show can regain its ratings. They can come up with anything like FBI abducted Will and staged his death for some reasons. Frankly, the show is not that bad in season 6, but it surely is well below the original quality which they MUST bring back
  • this show sucks!

    started out really enjoying this series but this last year I've lost interest . It was more fun when it was all about Alicia Florrick over coming her husbands scandal and trying to start over. I liked watching her take the high road, only now she's the cheater so to speak and the show has lost its interest for me. Also the court cases aren't as good as they use to be. She use to have a Perry Mason quality about her and the cases she assisted in were more interesting like a chess board game of strategy. I thought there may be a glimmer of hope when they brought back this crazy lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni. Elsbeth is fun to watch and I think she and Alicia would make a good firm all on their own. I'd hate to see this show go so I hope they get better writing in the next season cause where it stands now I'm not sure I'll continue to watch :( to bad cause I really liked it when it started out.

  • Going Boston Legal

    I know why the show transformed from a lawyer show to a political show - setting the stage for a Hillary candidacy. In 2008, Boston Legal went all out to campaign for Obama. They knew it was their last season so they threw away all restraint. Alicia and Peter are TV's Hillary and Bill. We see Democrat talking points (gay agenda, war on women, campus rape, etc) as major plot lines every also seeing a parade of Democrat luminaries (Valerie Jarrett, Gloria Steinem, Chuck Schumer) as guest stars. I bet that before the end of the season, Hillary herself will make an appearance. They use frequent lesbian sex scenes with Kalinda to hold the audience.
  • Enough is Enough

    Just curious, is there a need for a new set of writers? They seem to be stuck on the same script with just a few changes each week. Please clear Carey and move onto a new script. The current script is getting really old and boring.

    Sex, drama, law, family, politics, organized crime, I'm a 50 yr old male and thoroughly enjoy the fact that it is a female dominant character power structure that is done in a completely believable fashion. Also I like that every character has a meaningful role, it never feels like there is any roles that are just "filler" Please keep up the good needs to use this series as an example on HOW TO DO to all cast and crew for the fasted hour. I wish your program would throw one or two 2 hour episodes each would have record
  • show needs to get nostalgia back..

    it is not same as tension between main character Alicia and her children with her constant Deliema is lost,tension with the man she loved is is dead and her emotional connect with kalinda is gone,no amount of hugging Cary would fill the void.

    fin is really so hope makers don't make it clich and make her sleep with Fin ,she should be defeated with dirty politics and come back to law to defend the innocent/guilty and see that life is not black and white but many shades of grey...
  • Good Wife going down hill this season

    The show got to political this season, and the episodes have become routine. It got boring for my wife and I, so we started watching Resurrection. We see enough political crap on the news. Evening TV should be more relaxing. We hope Good Wife is canceled, if not we will continue watching Resurrection.
  • Woaaaw

    Hey people why SO MUCH HATE on poor Michael J. Fox?? I think people need to realize this is JUST a tv show calm the eff down.

    Not watching the show just because the CHARACTER is an atheist? really? have you reached the point of intolerance where you "fiscally" CAN'T watch a show just because the character is an atheist??

    And people one more thing threatening the net work or the producers with "Final warning I won't be watching anymore if they don't change this or that" guess what? NOBODY CARES!

    The show is great yes you can feel the soap opera tone even more in this last season and I kinda wish they went back on track but is ok

    Is just a tv show not the end of the world people get a hold of yourselves
  • The Good Wife

    We quit watching The Good Wife. Just can't watch a show that the main character says that she is an atheist. What is happening to our country???
  • Wish They'd All Go

    This season has become a soap opera and not a very good one at that. The plots meander, belabor whatever point they're trying to make (which I've yet to figure out anyway) and the characters, to a person, have become pompous and insufferable egomaniacs. I only wish that when Kerry goes to prison that he would take the others with him. They all need to learn some humility and prison is an excellent place for them to be knocked down a peg or two.

    And forget that whole election plot line. Completely unrealistic and shows us nothing worthwhile. If Alicia had a half the brains the show wants us to believe she has, she would've dropped out after Day One.
  • A copycat of SVU

    The Trial turned into an ending similar to the defunct SVU which always gave the impression that you have waisted your time watching it, given there was almost never a satisfactory conviction or acquittal. In this case, more than three episodes for nothing. The first season was good because there were wins and happy endings and worthile romances. My only hope here is that somehow they are going to bring Cary back through Bishop being killed and the witness recanting his story. If that happens I am almost certain that Kalinda will in some way be involved in the killing, although her character is scheduled to disappear from the show which makes this scenario unlkely. If Cary does not return I think the cumulative disappearance of Will, Kalinda and Cary will be the end of watching the show for many viewers, me included. They should kill the show and start another one instead.
  • Get rid of Michael J Fox! He SUCKS AND IS RUINING AN ALREADY Good SHOW -BY Being on it!

    This show is great however, really dislike Michael J Fox on it, his sickness aside-he has always been an over-rated -Low budget Crappy actor. Why are all these crappy actors Scabbing onto the people's success and popular shows -so intent on RUINING ALL THESE GOOD SHOWS- BY BEING ON IT?! The show is great -Sont Need or want them! GET RID OF MJF! HE SUCKS! ALWAYS HAS! What? All these Crappy actors, who can't make it on their own -acting?

  • Glad to hear Kalinda will be gone!!!

    My thanks to the writers for FINALLY getting rid of the lesbian in this GREAT SHOW! Put her on one of the already, many shows with homosexuals in them [that I don't watch]! There are more straight folks than gay, so we are HAPPY to hear that Kalinda will be leaving!!! I record the show so that I can fast forward through the parts of her kissing and making out with other women, but still it just makes us SICK!!! Yucky!!!

    We have watched the Good Wife since it first aired and love it EXCEPT for the lesbian thing. Was about to ask the writers to "write her as straight", when I read that this will be her last season!!! Yeah!!! Maybe they [the writers] listened to some of the others that feel as we do! Thanks so much!!!
  • tardive dyskonisia

    I am a huge fan of the show. However, I am extremely upset about how Michael J. Fox is being portrayed with having tardive dyskonisia. I suffer from this disease and it is very different from the Parkinson's that he really has. Although they are both movement disorders, . is caused by problems with medication. It is permanent and incurable. The movements are similar to Parkinson's, however, Parkinson's is much more severe and constant. People who watch the show are getting inaccurate information. There are times when I am wrongly judged because of this. Also to now say he has kidney failure due to the meds he takes for . is upsetting. The only meds that can be taken for . are the ones that have the same properties as those that cause the disease. And they don't cure it, only supposedly help manage it. I currently don't take meds for my . because I don't want to be on those meds again. I just don't understand why the show just doesn't say he has Parkinson's. Why misrepresent one disease instead of accurately representing another. I don't know how others that suffer from . feel about this but I sure would like to know.
  • My sympathies.....

    to Michael J. Fox. But it's time for him to retire from the TV screen. His constant physical twitches & slurred speech make him unwatchable. I am sorry that he has been saddled with this disease. But now, it's been worked into the plots of the show to great disadvantage -- oxygen? A wheelchair? Come on, folks.
  • Old Spice episode

    We LOVE The Good Wife. But, why add real life politicians to the show. We are putting the producers on notice, one more sighting of real life politicians on the show, that will be our last viewing of the show.
  • too late

    CBS needs to do something about the shows on Sunday evening starting and ending late (at least in the Central time region). Not everyone sits with their eyes glued to the tv set, especially these days with dvr, etc. During football seasons, I usually try to change the timer so that it records longer than usual but lately it is not the same every Sunday and the last couple of Sundays it was on time so I changed the dvr timer back to normal. Also, the maximum over-time recording limit is 90 minutes and that's what I have to use since the timing with football is so willy-nilly and that either bumps something else that was going to record or it keeps us from recording something else for the next hour and a half. And don't say to stream it, some of us can't do that.
  • Whatever happened to this show?

    This used to be a great show - but the scripts this season are totally ridiculous.

    What a shame to see this catastrophe.
  • If its not broken don't fix it.

    This season sucks. Go back to original format.
  • Politics

    Leave politics out of the show (and politicians).
  • alicia

    I feel the show is not focusing on her it is about Alicia and no matter what she should always come out on top about to lose interest
  • The Good Wife's Fashion

    Checkout the fashion of The Good Wife here on TV Fashion Guide:

  • I am not sad at all

    The reason Will leaving the show is good for Alicia will play a stronger and smarter role as she always is and it is the best time for her to move on.
  • Just started....

    .... I am currently watching season 2 on hulu. So far, I'm in love with it. I am sorry I just now found it. I am hoping it keeps up with the memento. People need to give this show a chance. But I am just on season 2. I know on had it as a possible cancellation. (It has been renewed) but this show is good. And CBS has Hulu to thank for me finding it.. CBS needs to think about releasing more shows to HULU. I'm sure they would get more following and fans of their current show that have average to poor ratings.
  • Why? What? I am saddened and shocked.

    I haven't been able to find the reason that 'Will' left the show, however, I truly don't comprehend why it needed to be so violent and final. And then to salt the wound, bringing Michael J. Fox back as the horrific character he portrays. He stands in Will's office actually stating that he is the new Will. Give me a break, he can't even pretend to be a Will replacement. I find him offensive, disgusting and repulsive. This is not the show for him. I'm afraid I will soon be a former fan. The only scene in the last three episodes that I found enjoyable was Alicia finally delivering on Peter. It is about time. He is the character that should have received the bullet.
  • Wish these writers worked on NCIS!

    I will never tire of rating a show a "ten". It's seldom that a show improves over time, but The Good Wife has, especially this season--and that was before Will's death! Alicia's face-off with her husband was priceless, and about time. It was well-written and well acted. Now, then, I think bringing back Michael J. Fox is a big mistake. I did not like him or his character when he was on before, and just the thought of him coming back at the end of this incredibly good season pisses me off.
  • I'm gone if ...

    You continue having Michael J Fox on the show. This is my fav show and everyone is very classy but he doesn't belong here. He brings the show down. I'm sorry he has a disease but I don't want to watch him.

    I am so sorry Will is gone. What a shocker!! I cried for two episodes. Hope he comes back in flashbacks for a long time. Hope I am still watching.
  • Just my two cents

    Just wanted to say that it is indeed a great loss to the show regarding the role of Will by Josh Charles. However, you had us hooked from the start when in the Pilot, Julianna Margulies, delivered in her amazing way those lines regarding a scorned woman. There have been many other moments in the show that have my applause. Just my two cents: keep doing what you are doing: wonderful writing, amazing casting and great talent. Make Tony Scott proud. By the way, excellent casing call with Matthew Goode. It is not common for me to chime in, wanted to let you I appreciate the show.
  • So sad

    I'm so sad about Will's death. The show is over to me
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