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  • My goodness! Is this title stays only for the first 8 minutes of the very first episode?

    ThIs tv show is all about bitching and bullying. Each one of the characters vie hard with each other to show who is more dishonest, characterless, cunning, frustrated and crooked.... Pity
  • The good wife

    I hate Alicia..... I hate not loyal people.... She left the will in such bad way..... After all this was the series shit.....
  • Extremely Disappointing Last Episode

    I enjoyed most of the series although there were some plot lines that I could have done without. But the ending was horrendous. I was sorry that I watched it. For that matter, I was sorry that I watched the entire 7th season in light of the ending. After 7 seasons I would have thought that the writers could have come up with a little more creativity than simply cutting off the story with no resolutions or conclusions that fans could take away. I thought it was extremely poor writing and even worse creativity.

    I almost regret watching it.

    So to anyone watching it now, DO NOT WATCH THE LAST SEASON. YOU WILL BE LEFT DISAPPOINTED AND WITH NO CONCLUSION TO ANY OF THE PLOTS. you will be better off ending with the sixth season.
  • Glad I Got Into It

    Sometimes, a show can completely pass you by entirely and you might not be able to see it at all. If The Forgotten had lasted longer, I might not have gotten into it. I stayed into it until the very end. I liked most of the show, even if it did fumble during season 6. I did not hate the ending the way some people did. They could have done better, but I'd stop short of calling it a bad ending. Who knows what we might see in a potential spin-off, but I'm only watching that on DVD since I don't pay to watch TV. (All the best things are on network television Now this show had its ups and downs and was pretty good throughout most of its run. They could have handled some things better and done other things differently than they did. But I will say that it was quite a good show, even if they could have focused more on the courtroom drama and less on the political aspect. Plus, I always hated how religion was represented on the show. But the plots were superb and you typically don't see writing like this. It will be missed in future seasons.
  • It Was Time To Cancel Good Wife

    The great storylines and show seemed to have gotten lost when Josh Charles left.
  • crappy ending :/

    what a crappy way to end a great show... why couldnt alicia be finally happy settled... finished just the way it started... very wrapped it up a lot better...

    was great to see will again though the only good thing about it really...

    watched everyepisodes for years to see it end like that was disappointing :(
  • The good wife

    I hate that this is the last season I have watched for years but this season just isn't the same maybe I liked Alicia owning her own firm. I don't know it just seems different
  • LOVE Marissa!!

    I LOVE seeing Sarah Steele as the character Marissa. She adds a clever, dry wit to the show and keeps Eli human. I hope she gets more air time in the future! My favourite star remains Michael J. Fox. Thanks Canada!!
  • Why do we skip a week again?

    Why oh why do we have to wait for the next episode again? The show just returned after the (too long) Christmas pause and only two episodes in, it skips a week again. WHY? Sheesh!

    Otherwise I agree with most commenters about the over-saturation with politics - we get it, the show is tightly connected to it, but it no longer walks that fine balance of witty and edgy, it's starting to get downright boring. Make it about its string suit again - Alicia detaching from Peter and doing her own thing with other people, reconnecting to friends and having more interesting cases without silly politics getting in the way.
  • The Good Wife/CBS Fan!

    Love TGW! The writers must release Alicia from Peter, and allow her to finally divorce him. Ironically, this single powerful act, will automatically give what's left of the original cast members, more screen time with Alicia, when the show is at it's best! Alicia can begin to bond again with her children, mom and brother, as Peter would no longer be a hurtful distraction. This way, Eli and Alicia could work on healing their friendship, in recognizing that Peter was the true source of her pain and not a voicemail deletion. She could build healthy relationships with JDM's character, as well as Lucca. The audience would reinvest in rooting for Alicia, both personally and professionally. Ratings would soar for this once, critically acclaimed tv drama, including this season, 8 and beyond!

    I'm trying to figure out why all of you feel the need to comment on this website like you're talking to the producers when this website is not the company that produces this show. The company is CBS. The website for the show is: CBS DOT COM If you have comments directed towards the producers, that is where you put those comments.

    Also, I don't know why all of you are ragging on Michael J. Fox. And the person who said he should retire is just plain rude. He did retire shortly after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and he took a long time to work through it and if he wants to come back to . then more power to him.

    Oh sorry, also forgot to write my review. Despite the name of the show, I never saw Alicia as THE main character.. maybe that's why they decided to kill off Will. Will and Diane were the pair that I was the most interested in law wise. Of course Will and Alicia were the pair I was most interested in romantically. I've always liked everything about Cary and they can stay the course with him. I'm really pissed that she decided to be a prissy B and leave the firm taking some of their clients not even carrying whether or not the firm would have to close because of that. Also, when she did that it was clear she broke Will's heart.

    And after reading the comments saying that Kalinda is leaving the show too.. I'm just about done watching the series. I've been playing catch up.
  • Politics

    Leave politics out of the show (and politicians). If I want to watch crappy politics I'll watch MSNBC!
  • Thumbs down for Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    I know Kalinda has gone but please don't let us see this horse's ass wreck The Good Wife like he did Extant.
  • The Good Wife, get rid of the politics!

    The Good Wife has been one of my favorite shows until this year. Now it is all about politics, which we are flooded with in the news every day! We watch these TV episodes to be entertained, not to be constantly barraged with the ugly life of politics! Go back to the very interesting court cases and the lawyering! And get Kalinda back and then get rid of Michael J Fox, can't understand anything he says!
  • This is must see- On a Monday Night

    Sorry, but it's never on when scheduled, so I set my DVR to record GW and CSI Cyber, so I can catch the overflow.

    It's on too late for me on Sunday so I have a regular Monday date when I get home from work. Love the show, with one little gripe.

    The new Eli-type character just isn't working for me. She isn't adding anything that wouldn't have been handled expertly by Eli himself. And if I have to watch the door slam into his desk one more time I'll scream. OK writers, you have hit that one note to death.
  • What has happened with the writing?

    It reminds me of when Aaron Sorkin left The West Wing. It was so obvious. The whole writing and directing style just changed and not for the good. Same now with The Good Wife. I even did a search to see if they had changed the writing and apparently, no. It's all over the place. What the hell have they done with Eli? Why bring in this big bruiser of a bully. Also, thought for a nano-second that the new love interest (the guy from Extant) might be fun, but they are wasting him as well. I don't see any real storyline or character development at all. Back at the same tired firm and bringing up the old guy, the joke, as a legit story line?

    I want Kalinda, I want Demond Bishop, I want more Peter, and bring back Meryl

    Streeps daughter for a few shows. What you are doing now is not working.
  • Good Wife Jumped the Shark

    This went from a show that I loved and from characters I enjoyed how they developed, to a show that seems to have lost its direction and trying amateurishly to recapture what made it popular to begin with.

    Kalinda was my favorite character, but before she left the show the character was not utilized very well. The character of Alicia is all over the place, one minute she is naive and sweet and gullible, the next a savey cutthroat shark capable of winning a political office. The idea that she would go from a partner/attorney's office winner/governors wife to a woman struggling to restart a buisness practive is absurd to me.

    The other characters of the show seem to be devolving. Diane Lockhart seems to be forever stuck at odds with Alicia, a tired position/story arc. Eli Gold is a childish comic relief role? Howard Lyman is now a strong attorney? Cary Agos is....... what is Cary Agos suposed to be anyway, seems like his character is in limbo too, what is he, sharp and ambitious or a clueless half wit getting played all the time?

    Was a fan , ..... no Im not. Time for a spinoff with Kalinda, start fresh.
  • What happened?

    I'm not sure if this is just my opinion, but season 7 is terrible. The acting is incredibly unconvincing, the script is half-hearted, the characters are one-dimensional, the plot is predictable, and even the camera angles are disturbing. Sad sad sad, the good wife used to be one of my favorite shows. I loved Eli, and of course I still do, but they are pushing his character too far.
  • No Kalinda

    I think this might be the last year for this show. I do like Julianna's character, but the supporting cast is thinning out. Really can't stand Eli.
  • Waiting in Spain for the Return...

    I loooooooove The Good Wife and im a fan of Alicia Florrick and Kalinda. I hope to see in FOX Spain the new season soon.
  • Waiting for Return of "The Good Wife"

    I LOVE the "GOOD WIFE", but as in other TV shows: WHY do all the main casting people leave :( Some say more money, some speculate they want "better story lines". Either Way: I ADMIT I AM A 100% LOVER of the "Good Wife", but was very sad when they killed off Will. I personally didn't want him with Alicia, but his character was great. Loved the days end when he & Diane would have that DRINK :)

    ON another note: Was VERY Disappointed when Cary & Alicia took close to (2) Seasons to plan & get their OWN firm on track. Then they even extended the leaf to Diane, and made her a partner. BUT WHY, WHY ON EARTH would Diane listen to a gut she went "shooting with" (with her husband). Who is he? Please.... I actually COULDNT believe my eyes how fast she went to Cary as they discussed Alicia being a liability to their firm, and then "LET-HER-GO" - Now that was SO DISAPPOINTING! To me Alicia & Cary started everything up, and mainly at her own apartment at the very beginning. Then they give her the boot. It was bad enough that she end up losing the State's Atty. position, but then her job. SHe opened her heart & door up to Diane (when all she has was David Lee) and then Diane & Cary push Alicia out of their firm-that was so disappointing! But now are these rumors true that Kalinda actually left the show??? I really HOPE NOT! I simply LOVE HER! Her character was just great! Please bring her back! If Kalinda comes back, please let her be with Alicia. If she doesn't return, the other investigator "Robin" was good. I thought she played her part very well. Let's hope Alicia & Michael J. Fox go right for the "Juggular" - BRING IT ON! Also, one more thing I personally want Alicia & Peter to rekindle what "they still have" (whenever I seen them intimate: I LOVED IT) I hope Grace & Zack also are shown more this season. And let's not forget "Eli" - Gotta Love Him!
  • Not So 'Good'

    She walks away from her victory; her partners are supposed to be concerned with her well-being;

    Kalinda's a walking dead woman (we know Punjabi left the Show); nothing remains here that has

    any resemblance to entertainment. This Show represents the largest betrayal of viewers in recent

    memory. It's Star/Producer should be shunned in perpetuity. She is a demented Hack.
  • Oh Please whining children;

    DonnaPooleBin is a perfect example of; "Now that you have written, produced, filmed and edited", I have a better way of doing your job.

    If so, why doesn't she have it?

    Because she is one of the Internets many million whining children who feel accomplishment for undermining the actual hours and work of others.

    Am I undermining her work? No. Because there is not any real work involved with her. Just hatred, rationalization and shallow excuses for what is clearly a currently less than creative and productive life.

    I wish her and the other ungrateful and immature well, while maintaining respect for the difficult work done to bring us what is so often selfishly absorbed unappreciated pleasure.
  • When Kalinda goes, so will the audience.

    Whatever ego problems are beneath the scenes that never show Alicia and Kalinda together, should not be imposed upon a dwindling audience. They should also have re-thought the whole Will thing. Whatever he wanted, (more money?), should have been seriously entertained. After his demise we rarely watched TGW, and when we did we enjoyed Kalinda's character and the kooky-brainy lawyer the most. It is creepy not seeing Kalinda in same shot as Alicia. It's like spying on some dysfunctional family. It sure comes off as someone being a biatch. And it ain't Kalinda. Will made Alicia more human. Without Will and Kalinda, that ship is going down.
  • Just Misery

    This show has become so disappointing. I have the enjoyed the clever and powerful women in this show and their triumphs. Now there are no triumphs. Just failure and misery. Everyone is miserable. All the women destroyed by men. Some of the good men destroyed or almost destroyed by women. Where can this go that is positive? I want the clever courtroom scenes back. The internal politics that are interesting and BENIGN. Not just another mean girls and boys show. Yuck!
  • Where has Good Wife gone?

    This was once my favorite show on TV. No more! The characters seem like they've been rewritten for a brand new show that I don't recognize. Alicia used to be a great character. Now, she's just "B"tchy. Her relationship with Peter is just stupid. All the totally awesome lawyering has been lost. Where was all that when Cary needed it. Nowhere. I don't know if there's problems behind the scenes or what. I tried watching last week and within the first 15 minutes I shut it off. It's not Good Wife anymore. I don't even know what it is now. It's definately not good. It's such a disappointment. Oh, and by the way, memories of Will should be Josh Charles, not the guy that plays Fin.
  • The good wife

    If Alicia does not win the election, I will stop watching this show. I have been a follower since the pilot episode. She is a great female lead actress and she stands up for what's right. If she has to bow down due to politics then this show has turned to crap. I love the show because she is powerful, demanding and does not back down for anything. Sincerely highly disappointed after watching tonight's episode
  • Kalinda fabricating evidence? Please!

    Kalinda fabricating evidence and being meek to Bishop? Then Diane finds it and uses it. The show went off the rails with that plot. I liked the strong Kalinda who would legally figure something out and bending but not breaking the rules. I also miss the courtroom scenes whenever they manage to have them. continue to like the show and look forward to seeing it.
  • Good but nothing more

    Here we have another typical episodic show with mediocre background series plot. It became a standart these few past years to make these default structure, sadly so widespread. It mostly works economically because it draws numbers, has a good longevity and doesnt require much creative work or creative work at all. What the show excels in, is casting in my opinion. Especially the guest character casting (many from The Wire but other good shows too). The first season i liked the most because it didnt have the need to be as flashy and overdramatize simple things as consequent seasons.

    Its made prefferably for female audience but the story is lacking something original and i see a tendency to use simple dirty tricks on the audience more and more to draw attention not by quality but flashiness.

    Still a pretty decent show so far.
  • Dissappointed with the Petering Out

    We have LOVED Goodwife for all the seasons until now. It's ok, but just a shadow of it's former self. We do not enjoy the political storyline at all. Give us back the courtroom with the quirky characters. So much more entertaining. Oh BTW, the flashback of Will .......... how do you not use the original actor. The sub was definitely not him. The biggest way to tell is the profile so why would you have used the profile in filming? Bad choice. Diss
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