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  • Oh come on..........was the oral sex necessary?????? I loved this program from the time it first came out. Now, it is badly soiled.

    Why would the writers and the censors let something like oral sex soil a perfectly already intriging, interesting, at times gripping storyline of a wronged woman and disgraced polician drop into the "pits" (no pun intended) with a sex scene that seemed to be just there?
    At least Alicia was clean when she said to him "I have to study" and he says "Here, let me" and disappears "downtown" and the next thing is her grabbing something to hold on to. How deeply disturbing!!!!!!!
    Something else that seems to be a puzzlement.....their household consists of two teenagers and a mother in law and yet when the passion bug takes over them, they just "do it" without closing doors or even considering who may walk in, or by.
  • How to kill your new network show...

    The best way to start out a new show with 2 strikes against it is to schedule it for 10:00, even on your own web site, and then start it at 9:59. When everyone expecting to see a whole show tunes in and finds it's already started, they'll hop over to something else, and there go the ratings! I don't understand the logic behind 9:59 or 10:01 starts; they're annoying when two shows you want to see overlap; but they're particularly annoying when they don't appear in the schedule.

    As for the content of "The Good Wife," I thought it reminded me way too much of "Raising the Bar" (which has set the bar higher than this one can reach, at least yet). For starters, we're doing pro bono work; we have a comical, mostly uncooperative judge, and the prosecutorial staff is much more interested in convictions than in truth.

    It's pretty obvious that the main character (Alicia) should have dumped her husband, filing for divorce immediately, for both personal and professional reasons. I understand that this would spoil the premise of the show, but her failure to have done so lends an air of unrealism to it.

    The biggest weakness, though, I think is the subtle yet noticeable gender bias. Just about every character with any good qualities is female (starting with the recurring characters, and right down to the innocent defendant and the only juror to believe in her, while the actual presumed criminal is male). I don't know if this will continue in future episodes, but if it does, count on many viewers to leave, either bored or annoyed by this "message."
  • Glad to hear Kalinda will be gone!!!

    My thanks to the writers for FINALLY getting rid of the lesbian in this GREAT SHOW! Put her on one of the already, many shows with homosexuals in them [that I don't watch]! There are more straight folks than gay, so we are HAPPY to hear that Kalinda will be leaving!!! I record the show so that I can fast forward through the parts of her kissing and making out with other women, but still it just makes us SICK!!! Yucky!!!

    We have watched the Good Wife since it first aired and love it EXCEPT for the lesbian thing. Was about to ask the writers to "write her as straight", when I read that this will be her last season!!! Yeah!!! Maybe they [the writers] listened to some of the others that feel as we do! Thanks so much!!!
  • Rita Wilson

    Please someone tell Rita Wilson to get rid of the hair. You are a 50+ yo women and don't look good as a hippie. Take a lesson from Christine Baransky. She always looks great!
  • What kind of a good wife?

    Well, in the first two seasons, she was some kind of a good wife, but in the third season, she became the bitch wife. Though I loved the show and watched every episode of it, in my opinion the producer should have either ended it or at least rename it because there is no good wife around anymore.
  • The Good Wife

    We quit watching The Good Wife. Just can't watch a show that the main character says that she is an atheist. What is happening to our country???
  • No need (or desire) for the bi-sexuality and brutality of Kalinda Sharma

    The is a very well written story with compelling characters and story line. But increasingly, the side show of Kalinda with her lesbian encounters and violent clashes with the estranged husband have nearly persuaded me to tune out permanently. Honestly, sticking your fingers in your wife's anus and then shoving them into to her ice cream cone?

    Get back to the drama of the firm and the contending loyalties of being married to the DA. There is plenty of material to explore without this. Even Kalinda's character is a great addition to the story. Please stop the gratuitous domestic violence and bi-sexuality.
  • Clarification

    I did write a comment earlier giving this show 3 points rating, which was unfair! because in reality it deserves much higher rating points, but the reason was that the name of the show did not match the event of the story.

    When naming the series as the "Good Wife" It should means either because the husband was bad or the wife is outstanding individual, which is not the case in both scenario, in the matter of fact the husband have proved to be a better person than the wife in some circumstances, and if we were talking about the cheating, then the wife has done much worse than the husband by sleeping with her college sweetheart (out of love versus just for sex, which the husband has done).

    The writer(s) noticed the mistake they have committed and tried to correct it by separating the two sweethearts, but the damage has done, and the only way to keep this show in track with its current name is to add some excellent quality to the wife in order to classify her as a good person (outstanding) because all what she has done until now is what an average decent wife usually (or should) do in the same circumstances.

    The bottom line, this series is one of the best realism show I ever seen, and I am correcting my rating to 9.5 just for the story line, acting, writing and directing, and if the name matches the event in the new coming season 4 then this will definitely deserves the 10 point marks.
  • Get rid of Michael J Fox! He SUCKS AND IS RUINING AN ALREADY Good SHOW -BY Being on it!

    This show is great however, really dislike Michael J Fox on it, his sickness aside-he has always been an over-rated -Low budget Crappy actor. Why are all these crappy actors Scabbing onto the people's success and popular shows -so intent on RUINING ALL THESE GOOD SHOWS- BY BEING ON IT?! The show is great -Sont Need or want them! GET RID OF MJF! HE SUCKS! ALWAYS HAS! What? All these Crappy actors, who can't make it on their own -acting?

  • this show sucks!

    started out really enjoying this series but this last year I've lost interest . It was more fun when it was all about Alicia Florrick over coming her husbands scandal and trying to start over. I liked watching her take the high road, only now she's the cheater so to speak and the show has lost its interest for me. Also the court cases aren't as good as they use to be. She use to have a Perry Mason quality about her and the cases she assisted in were more interesting like a chess board game of strategy. I thought there may be a glimmer of hope when they brought back this crazy lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni. Elsbeth is fun to watch and I think she and Alicia would make a good firm all on their own. I'd hate to see this show go so I hope they get better writing in the next season cause where it stands now I'm not sure I'll continue to watch :( to bad cause I really liked it when it started out.

  • Strong women

    Doesn't mean just because her husband cheats on her she has to run into another mans arms. Keep the private stuff private I used to be able to see this show with my 14 year old daughter because I was proud of the fact that Alicia was showing the strong women stuff where she doesn't crumble even if she doesn't have a man and that she has self respect that she focused on raising her children to be strong and have morals with strong characters. Now sometimes I can't even watch it because Alicia is now just a common weak women who needs the man to validate her.
  • throw that shark back!

    The scriptwriters need to get rid of that shark before they find themselves forced to jump over it.

    Acto the last two episodes ("Hitting the Fan" and "The Next Day"), Will intends to make Lockhart-Gardner into the biggest law firm in the US. That's fine, but what's his first step? He wants to "crush" Florick-Agos, a tiny new law firm. Hell, L-G's executive committee is bigger than Florick-Agos's whole firm. So, to get the clients of _one_ tiny law firm WIll wants to start a war with the Governor-elect? Really?

    I know that David Lee and WIll are pissed off about Alicia's behavior. I don't blame them: her actions were unethical. Frankly, she should be disciplined. But this is counter-productive; it's going to make Lockhart-Gardner weaker, not stronger.

    If they don't abandon this theme, I'm probably going to stop watching. It's that bad and that unbelievable. First year, I would have given this show a 10 rating, right up there with the first few years of BtVS or The West Wing. But this plotline is just bad.
  • lose the sex


    would have been a 9 or more, but this season made me drop it with the sex. this isn't HBO, so lose the sex, even the innuendos to it. we know they are going to sleep together... so just show them going into a hotel room, bedroom, etc, and cut away.

  • Going Boston Legal

    I know why the show transformed from a lawyer show to a political show - setting the stage for a Hillary candidacy. In 2008, Boston Legal went all out to campaign for Obama. They knew it was their last season so they threw away all restraint. Alicia and Peter are TV's Hillary and Bill. We see Democrat talking points (gay agenda, war on women, campus rape, etc) as major plot lines every also seeing a parade of Democrat luminaries (Valerie Jarrett, Gloria Steinem, Chuck Schumer) as guest stars. I bet that before the end of the season, Hillary herself will make an appearance. They use frequent lesbian sex scenes with Kalinda to hold the audience.

    It is so difficult to watch The Good Wife it always starts late and you have to sit around and wait for it to begin. If you try to tape it,the whole show is never taped,because it never starts at the scheduled time. AND YOU CAN'T STREAM IT AS THE PICTURE BREAKS UP AND COMMERCIALS PLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT RESUMING THE SHOW. CBS IS RUINING THE SHOW!!

  • still clever, but..

    I'm not liking the direction the show is going. It was really good the first 3 seasons and the 4th one was alright, but it is lacking in this new season. i don't like how immature and out of character they make Will out to be. I still really like most of the characters but i hope they do not turn this show into soap opera. the show is good w/o the unrealistic drama.
  • The Writers--Pro & Con

    The writers of The Good Wife have done an excellent job of giving us a show with interesting plots, sharp dialogue and evolving characters. Generally an engaging and enjoyable weekly drama. However, I do have a "nitpick," which I think is worth calling attention to because popular shows and popular actors serve as important role models

    (whether we like it or not) to millions of young people. So here it is: when you write dialog

    for characters, such as the ones in this series, who are supposed to be highly educated,

    you should not put appallingly bad grammar in their mouths. I'm referring to the ubiquitous

    misunderstanding and misuse of subject and object pronouns. Regardless of how many people are involved, verbs and prepositions still must be followed by object pronouns.

    So when you are talking about something that is "between us," it's correct to say "between you and me." Saying "between you and I" is putting a subject pronoun, the "I", after a

    preposition, "between." That's equivalent to saying "talk to I," instead of "talk to me."

  • OMG!!

    What a shock the episode 15!! contrary to everyone's opinion below i think it will make the series more interesting and spice it up a little! I like it, even if i am sad that will is gone, thank you writers! Can't wait to see the following episodes!
  • Peter's having a baby

    I think the lady getting sick in Alicia's bathroom is pregnant with Peter. When Alicia finds out, she'll go back to Will.
  • Tonight's show was disgusting!

    I have always enjoyed watching the Good Wife however, I thought tonight's episode, 'Red Meat' was disgusting and shameful!

    You had Diane kill the deer when she is against hunting. Really? We just can't get away from the bloodlust. Then she ate the deer meat as a victory. Anyone who kills for pleasure is a psychopath.
  • Why did you do this plot twist?!

    I have just watched episode 5 of season 5.. And I decided to stop watching the series. I was so much disappointed! The only man - honest, loving, real - is Will, but this stupid Alicia preferred that disgusting aging (and corrupted!) Peter - oh my God, I can't stand her frozen face anymore with that always "eaten" lipstick on her lips (what do the makeup designers of the show receive their wages for?!) and arrogant facial expression. She showed herself so lousy, indecent and mean towards Will - the only Real Man, who had given her the helping hand, when her world has ruined (thanks to her husband, by the way!), when everybody was against her, when she and the whole her life were in real ass! And what did she do as a payback? I can't watch such a meanness anymore. The show authors should do anything with all that, she must be somehow punished for her hypocrisy, arrogance and mean attitude. I have learnt the only old truth out of this show - trust no one. Because everyone betrays - parents, kids, friends, partners, lovers - E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. And Alicia is not an exception. Next to Will she looks like a woman. Next to Peter she looks like a stupid suburban housewife. I do wish to see the evil punished. Otherwise I will lose all my faith in universal justice. I want Peter to die or fall seriously (terminally) sick or at least be removed from the office of the governor or caught with another prostitute (or that new ethic adviser), because I do not believe that people like him change. He is a villain and he is unpleasant. It is so unfair what is happening to Lockhart & Gardner, these young rascals deserve to be ruined! Because the most expensive (and the only valuable) currency in this world is fidelity and reliability. And don't try to persuade me that Alicia is a hero-woman, this is the story of her formation as a strong woman and a professional - I know and see the only thing: she is a betrayer and a hypocrite. She forgives her husband and stays with him (what for?! the one who once betrayed will surely do it again!), but turns the other side and bites the helping hand! Oh, it was so hard to watch it((((( You may become independent and strong even without acting meanly like a jackal. It seems I took this TV show very much to heart))) And I feel myself so devastated because of that confrontation... Without love story between Will and Alicia this show makes no sense. And they must merge their firms somewhen in the future or do something in that style. Otherwise the show comes to nought. Their kids with Florrick will grown up soon and go to colleges, Peter must let Alicia go and be with Will. Because otherwise there's no hope for better life, new love and happiness for all middle-aged women. That's my opinion.
  • The good wife

    I hate that this is the last season I have watched for years but this season just isn't the same maybe I liked Alicia owning her own firm. I don't know it just seems different
  • Screw the haters!!

    I Love you Josh Charles!!

  • It Was Time To Cancel Good Wife

    The great storylines and show seemed to have gotten lost when Josh Charles left.
  • The Good Wife should end....

    I loved this show, when Will got killed that should of been the last show so boring zzzzz
  • Last Show

    The last show was an insult to any adult with a brain. What receptionist is going to left alone in a NEW office complex, and why would she let stangers take furniture out without checking with someone. She should have fired. The "New" partner in is a big jerk, who is writing this garbage for a show that started out so good. I have been a fan since the very first show and it is one of the very few I tape if I am unalbe to watch. Let's get back to a good story line.
  • crappy ending :/

    what a crappy way to end a great show... why couldnt alicia be finally happy settled... finished just the way it started... very wrapped it up a lot better...

    was great to see will again though the only good thing about it really...

    watched everyepisodes for years to see it end like that was disappointing :(
  • Parenting Made Easy


    I have to say that the latest episode aired tonight was very disappointing on several levels. Of course the most disappointing was the termination of the relationship between Alicia and Will but a more disconcerting thought is that this twist is somehow a nod toward the conventional axiom that a woman must always subjugate her own feelings and needs to everyone else in her life. It is ironic that with all the horseplay by her sleazy husband, the relationship between Alicia and Will, which has been simmering for many years and potentially a great match for both of them, is now portrayed as a deal breaker for Alicia due to family ties. Believe me, I get it, but I have followed Tony and Ridley Scott since Blade Runner and one of my greatest sense of admiration for both of them, apart from brilliant direction and dialogue, is their consistent portrayal of women as smart, educated and independent. It is something sorely lacking in virtually every other program on commercial TV.

    I believe this episode moved back the whole sense of the series twenty paces. I always felt that the series slowly developed the character of Alicia after her humiliation at the hands of her husband to demonstrate her cautious and rational personality. Her relationship with Will was so long in coming and the chemistry between them so strong that the eventual consummation of their desires made total sense. With this episode, the series takes this major detour back to a conclusion that could have been written by the Catholic Church. What a shame that the one show on TV that appeared to have everything going for it turns out to be something that could be aired on Rush Limbaugh

  • Why do we skip a week again?

    Why oh why do we have to wait for the next episode again? The show just returned after the (too long) Christmas pause and only two episodes in, it skips a week again. WHY? Sheesh!

    Otherwise I agree with most commenters about the over-saturation with politics - we get it, the show is tightly connected to it, but it no longer walks that fine balance of witty and edgy, it's starting to get downright boring. Make it about its string suit again - Alicia detaching from Peter and doing her own thing with other people, reconnecting to friends and having more interesting cases without silly politics getting in the way.
  • Oh Please whining children;

    DonnaPooleBin is a perfect example of; "Now that you have written, produced, filmed and edited", I have a better way of doing your job.

    If so, why doesn't she have it?

    Because she is one of the Internets many million whining children who feel accomplishment for undermining the actual hours and work of others.

    Am I undermining her work? No. Because there is not any real work involved with her. Just hatred, rationalization and shallow excuses for what is clearly a currently less than creative and productive life.

    I wish her and the other ungrateful and immature well, while maintaining respect for the difficult work done to bring us what is so often selfishly absorbed unappreciated pleasure.
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