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  • alicia

    I feel the show is not focusing on her it is about Alicia and no matter what she should always come out on top about to lose interest
  • The Good Wife's Fashion

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  • Colinda

    Its time for Colinda to lose the slut look.
  • I am not sad at all

    The reason Will leaving the show is good for Alicia will play a stronger and smarter role as she always is and it is the best time for her to move on.
  • Just started....

    .... I am currently watching season 2 on hulu. So far, I'm in love with it. I am sorry I just now found it. I am hoping it keeps up with the memento. People need to give this show a chance. But I am just on season 2. I know on had it as a possible cancellation. (It has been renewed) but this show is good. And CBS has Hulu to thank for me finding it.. CBS needs to think about releasing more shows to HULU. I'm sure they would get more following and fans of their current show that have average to poor ratings.
  • Why? What? I am saddened and shocked.

    I haven't been able to find the reason that 'Will' left the show, however, I truly don't comprehend why it needed to be so violent and final. And then to salt the wound, bringing Michael J. Fox back as the horrific character he portrays. He stands in Will's office actually stating that he is the new Will. Give me a break, he can't even pretend to be a Will replacement. I find him offensive, disgusting and repulsive. This is not the show for him. I'm afraid I will soon be a former fan. The only scene in the last three episodes that I found enjoyable was Alicia finally delivering on Peter. It is about time. He is the character that should have received the bullet.
  • Wish these writers worked on NCIS!

    I will never tire of rating a show a "ten". It's seldom that a show improves over time, but The Good Wife has, especially this season--and that was before Will's death! Alicia's face-off with her husband was priceless, and about time. It was well-written and well acted. Now, then, I think bringing back Michael J. Fox is a big mistake. I did not like him or his character when he was on before, and just the thought of him coming back at the end of this incredibly good season pisses me off.
  • I'm gone if ...

    You continue having Michael J Fox on the show. This is my fav show and everyone is very classy but he doesn't belong here. He brings the show down. I'm sorry he has a disease but I don't want to watch him.

    I am so sorry Will is gone. What a shocker!! I cried for two episodes. Hope he comes back in flashbacks for a long time. Hope I am still watching.
  • Just my two cents

    Just wanted to say that it is indeed a great loss to the show regarding the role of Will by Josh Charles. However, you had us hooked from the start when in the Pilot, Julianna Margulies, delivered in her amazing way those lines regarding a scorned woman. There have been many other moments in the show that have my applause. Just my two cents: keep doing what you are doing: wonderful writing, amazing casting and great talent. Make Tony Scott proud. By the way, excellent casing call with Matthew Goode. It is not common for me to chime in, wanted to let you I appreciate the show.
  • So sad

    I'm so sad about Will's death. The show is over to me
  • Probably won't watch anymore 1.0

    Please do not put Michael J Fox on the Good Wife now that Josh Charles or Will is no longer on the show he does not belong on a show like that he is only sit-com material besides I can't stand him. I will not watch the show if he is on there. The show was a 10 now a 1
  • why? why? why did they remove Will? he made the show so much more interesting!

    i can't watch it without him in it!
  • I wont watch my favorite show anymore

    Will was the hero and they eliminated

  • OMG!!

    What a shock the episode 15!! contrary to everyone's opinion below i think it will make the series more interesting and spice it up a little! I like it, even if i am sad that will is gone, thank you writers! Can't wait to see the following episodes!
  • No, No - not The Good Wife

    I hope the writers don't expand on this romance between Will and Alicia.

    Come on, your scripts are strong enough without this unrealistic soap opera.

    For me, it makes Alicia's character distasteful and not the classy intelligent woman she has been portrayed as so far.
  • "Dramatics, your Honor"

    I too am wondering whether the "old" writers were replaced by a pack of no talented dingbats! The character Will Gardner obviously could have left the show in a far less poignant way. Easily, he could have exited to relocate in NY or LA to start a new branch of the firm, which they had already began to develop. Instead the "dingbats" decided to" blast" him off the show with gun violence... unbelievable! With the real-life high murder rate existing in Chicago already, why would they broach an entry of that sort of ugliness on this family drama type show.

    Perhaps the actor Josh Charles was a little spent with the direction that the "dingbats" were taking the Will and Diane characters. They were constantly losing every client and every case to Alicia and Carey despite the fact that they did everything to accommodate and help them in the beginning as first year associates, now suddenly they were the adversaries. I understand that Mr. Charles may have wanted to move on, but did this mean that "Will" had to get all shot up full of holes in order to accomplish the departure? I'm wondering who's next to bite the proverbial bullet and where does all of this leave the show?
  • No S5 episode 15?

    When will S5 episode 15 air?
  • Fun, fun, fun 'til ...

    I love the pizzaz of Season 5 (nice to see Alicia getting more human and wearing little make-up in several scenes. And the so far unrequited(able) love will be good for a season or so: it could turn and be Alicia & Will against Peter & Jackie w/the kids in between?

    But, how can this show be so white? I'm a 52-year-old white English prof but even I don't get this? The black people in your show are what your writers might recognize as being what Spivak calls Have you seen, say, Grey's Anatomy? A real cast, reflecting the people I see downtown, uptown. Are there no black actors you can afford to pay major roles who aren't basically drug dealers? Yes, there's a joke in that, but it's worn way thin. Anyone black already in the AG's office could become a top hot player in the show. It was so fun, fun, fun 'til all but Archie turned white!
  • Why did you do this plot twist?!

    I have just watched episode 5 of season 5.. And I decided to stop watching the series. I was so much disappointed! The only man - honest, loving, real - is Will, but this stupid Alicia preferred that disgusting aging (and corrupted!) Peter - oh my God, I can't stand her frozen face anymore with that always "eaten" lipstick on her lips (what do the makeup designers of the show receive their wages for?!) and arrogant facial expression. She showed herself so lousy, indecent and mean towards Will - the only Real Man, who had given her the helping hand, when her world has ruined (thanks to her husband, by the way!), when everybody was against her, when she and the whole her life were in real ass! And what did she do as a payback? I can't watch such a meanness anymore. The show authors should do anything with all that, she must be somehow punished for her hypocrisy, arrogance and mean attitude. I have learnt the only old truth out of this show - trust no one. Because everyone betrays - parents, kids, friends, partners, lovers - E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. And Alicia is not an exception. Next to Will she looks like a woman. Next to Peter she looks like a stupid suburban housewife. I do wish to see the evil punished. Otherwise I will lose all my faith in universal justice. I want Peter to die or fall seriously (terminally) sick or at least be removed from the office of the governor or caught with another prostitute (or that new ethic adviser), because I do not believe that people like him change. He is a villain and he is unpleasant. It is so unfair what is happening to Lockhart & Gardner, these young rascals deserve to be ruined! Because the most expensive (and the only valuable) currency in this world is fidelity and reliability. And don't try to persuade me that Alicia is a hero-woman, this is the story of her formation as a strong woman and a professional - I know and see the only thing: she is a betrayer and a hypocrite. She forgives her husband and stays with him (what for?! the one who once betrayed will surely do it again!), but turns the other side and bites the helping hand! Oh, it was so hard to watch it((((( You may become independent and strong even without acting meanly like a jackal. It seems I took this TV show very much to heart))) And I feel myself so devastated because of that confrontation... Without love story between Will and Alicia this show makes no sense. And they must merge their firms somewhen in the future or do something in that style. Otherwise the show comes to nought. Their kids with Florrick will grown up soon and go to colleges, Peter must let Alicia go and be with Will. Because otherwise there's no hope for better life, new love and happiness for all middle-aged women. That's my opinion.
  • still clever, but..

    I'm not liking the direction the show is going. It was really good the first 3 seasons and the 4th one was alright, but it is lacking in this new season. i don't like how immature and out of character they make Will out to be. I still really like most of the characters but i hope they do not turn this show into soap opera. the show is good w/o the unrealistic drama.
  • When?

    When will be the next episode? It's been more than a month! Come on you guys!
  • The Good Show

    Family stuff, business stuff, courtroom stuff, political stuff... this show is full of stuff. Wonderfully cast, lots going on, it's a great show, not a good show. Julianna Margulies is just perfect as the humiliated wife getting back to her roots and building a new life for herself, and in the process building a different kind of relationship with her husband.
  • Whack a Mole

    Jason O'Mara and the Irish accent, ugh! Do we really have to be subjected to that every week, it didn't work in any other show he's been in so why try it now? Have watched since day one as well and writing has really gone downhill.
  • Last Show

    The last show was an insult to any adult with a brain. What receptionist is going to left alone in a NEW office complex, and why would she let stangers take furniture out without checking with someone. She should have fired. The "New" partner in is a big jerk, who is writing this garbage for a show that started out so good. I have been a fan since the very first show and it is one of the very few I tape if I am unalbe to watch. Let's get back to a good story line.
  • Peter's having a baby

    I think the lady getting sick in Alicia's bathroom is pregnant with Peter. When Alicia finds out, she'll go back to Will.
  • throw that shark back!

    The scriptwriters need to get rid of that shark before they find themselves forced to jump over it.

    Acto the last two episodes ("Hitting the Fan" and "The Next Day"), Will intends to make Lockhart-Gardner into the biggest law firm in the US. That's fine, but what's his first step? He wants to "crush" Florick-Agos, a tiny new law firm. Hell, L-G's executive committee is bigger than Florick-Agos's whole firm. So, to get the clients of _one_ tiny law firm WIll wants to start a war with the Governor-elect? Really?

    I know that David Lee and WIll are pissed off about Alicia's behavior. I don't blame them: her actions were unethical. Frankly, she should be disciplined. But this is counter-productive; it's going to make Lockhart-Gardner weaker, not stronger.

    If they don't abandon this theme, I'm probably going to stop watching. It's that bad and that unbelievable. First year, I would have given this show a 10 rating, right up there with the first few years of BtVS or The West Wing. But this plotline is just bad.
  • The best episode yet!!!

    Finally what I wanted to see from the Florricks

    It is so difficult to watch The Good Wife it always starts late and you have to sit around and wait for it to begin. If you try to tape it,the whole show is never taped,because it never starts at the scheduled time. AND YOU CAN'T STREAM IT AS THE PICTURE BREAKS UP AND COMMERCIALS PLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT RESUMING THE SHOW. CBS IS RUINING THE SHOW!!

  • A sophisticated show.

    Which is a rarity. I think the show has a good dynamic and is generally not boring. I think there are may shows that are similar to this one but nothing else that manages to actually be a sophisticated TV show these days. Its unique. Worth a look.
  • Fantastic show bad title

    After being reluctant to watch it for several years, this christmass i gave it an opportunity and i think it is a fantastic show, to watch both alone and with the girlfriend. To be honest i am a bit tired of lawyer tv shows, and the title made me think it would be a chick tv show, but it is fun and intriguing. I hope the show follows a more political path.
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