The Good Wife

Season 4 Episode 16

Runnin' With the Devil

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on CBS



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    • Liz: Bishop is using you to intimidate these witnesses.
      Alicia: Oh, come on.
      Liz: Every single time you question one, they recant.
      Alicia: Have you ever thought that you might've intimidated these witnesses to get them to testify?
      Liz: You know, we used to feel bad for you. The old gang from school. We all called each other after your press conference and said, "Can you believe it, having your husband admit to sleeping with prostitutes?" Now I see. You were made for each other.
      Alicia: Do you know what I've thought of you since school?
      Liz: What?
      Alicia: Nothing.

    • Will: (about hiring a second investigator) This is a good thing, Kalinda. More work, more money, more prestige.
      Kalinda: You know, somehow, when people say "more prestige," they usually mean "less power."

    • Kalinda: You're interviewing investigators. Why would you be interviewing investigators, un-unless you want a second one?
      Will: Yes. We're expanding your department.
      Kalinda: My department?
      Will: Yes. You're a department now. Congratulations. The Office of Legal Investigators.
      Kalinda: I don't have a desk but I have a department?
      Will: We'll get you a desk.

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