The Good Wife

Season 3 Episode 22

The Dream Team

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on CBS



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    • Will: This is good bye?
      Kalinda: Just for a little bit.
      Will: You're gonna make me cry. I don't know. It feels like things are falling apart.
      Kalinda: You'll build them up again, that's what you do.

    • Patti: This case was built for a jury. You requested a bench trial. It's a million-dollar case, and your basketball buddy awarded you $25 million.
      Will: I was cleared by a grand jury.
      Patti: No. You weren't indicted by a grand jury. You gamed the system, I know you, Will. You can't do that with me.
      Canning: Or with me.
      Patti: That's right. We're the dream team.

    • Will: Oh, God. Patti Nyholm.
      Patti: Well, look at you.
      Will: And you. Poster child for Motherhood Today.
      Patti: You have no changing tables in the restroom, Will. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
      Will: Yep, doing our part to suppress the birth rate.

    • Kalinda: I'm not gay. You asked whether I was gay?
      Alicia: Yes... two years ago.
      Kalinda: I know. I wanted to answer. I'm not gay, I'm... flexible.
      Alicia: Okay. Flexible. Good.

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