The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 8

The Next Month

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • The Next Month

    Good to bring back a familiar face, and good to bring in another aspect of Eli's life. They need to try and develop that character more. A strong episode.
  • Eli and Natalie sitting in a tree...

    I really liked their interaction a couple of seasons ago. Seeing Natalie's character again and Eli's obvious desire for her is wonderful. Of all the "romances" in this show taking place, now and in the past, this is the sweetest. I really do not want to see how the writers screw this up.
  • Two Yoko Ono Problems

    Yoko Ono was said to have been a bad influence for the Beatles , David Lee compares Will's new young friend with this infamous woman,who by the way , may have been completely innocent .

    But she's not the only Yoko Ono in the show since Eli Gold has her own young friend as well. However I think that what Will is doing out of lust and spite Eli is doing because he is madly in love, head-over-heels in love , deeply infatuated with Natalie.

    The offices ,OMG if they make them look like a hip start-up and Florrick-Agos thrives there , they can do anything. I just can't wait a week to see what they do, a miracle I guess.

    The case they had in this chapter was in my opinion treated in a too funny way given how serious immigration , deportation and death threats it was they way the scriptwriters had to show how absurd laws regarding these matters can sometimes be.
  • Will thinking with the little and the big head

    Loved the Yoko Ono reference and the attempt at thwarting the romance. Am done with the Marilyn morning sickness and Howard Lyman's loafishness and jerky behavior. Hate to admit that Will and Isabel are hot on screen since I am still stupidly rooting for a return of the Alicia-Will story. A girl can dream, right? Saw this: 2013/11/18/the-good-wife-the-yoko-ono-problem/
  • Actually it's a man

    The evil migra deports a guy even though he agreed to testify in return for being allowed to stay in the US. The bad guy sees him in court, then jumps bail & flees to Mexico. Since the good guy never testified, then he didn't do as agreed, couldn't do as agreed, so he gets shipped to Mexico, where he will probably be murdered. Anyway it wasn't a woman.