The Good Wife

Season 4 Episode 13

The Seven Day Rule

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2013 on CBS

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  • Treachery afoot.....

    I swear this show just gets better and better. Another outstanding rally from Alicia, against pretty much everyone in their attempts to use her as a pawn in their little games. It amazes me still how they underestimate her so. Topped off with a fantastic stand off of sorts between Alicia & Diane, the claws are most definitely out!
  • Not Quite Diane.....

    The look on Diane's face in the final screen when Alicia was thanking everyone, that perhaps not all is as Diane originally hoped for. Perhaps Alicia may yet play her "get out of jail card" after all, not all is as it may seem to be. What's behind Alicia's patronising the partners that Diane wants to decipher?... remains to be seen I guess. Good episode overall.
  • The Good Wife.

    I actually enjoyed this episode, yes Diane & Will did use Alicia, but isn't that the politics off working in a Law Firm. Alicia was not impressed but you know your playing in the big league now Alicia & you have been for awhile, so suck it up. Religion plays a big deal in Politics, people do tend to vote for someone who believes in GOD rather than a Atheist. The other case about Chum Hum & the Pre-Nup wasn't that interesting, although Maddie is really getting on my nerves. I can only hope Kalinda can dig up something really dirty about her past.
  • The Seven Day Rule

    Given all the recurring cast they had in this episode, I was a little bit disappointed by tonight's The Good Wife. It was interesting to finally see Diane and Will using Alicia a little bit, but a very boring case they were working on with the prenup dominated too much of the show, as did the religious debate, which did not even have a fitting conclusion.

    We have come to expect a bit more from this series.
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