The Good Wife

Season 4 Episode 3

Two Girls, One Code

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on CBS
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Lockhart Gardner represents two women who believe their website was sabotaged by a competitor. Meanwhile, Eli tries to cover up a story about an affair that may damage Peter's campaign. Kalinda involves Lana Delenay in the already complicated relationship she has with Nick.

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  • Kalinda and Nick

    Hating that development, with Nick, totally unconvincing turn in Kalinder's character. I usually love her sexy bisexual / unconventional ways, but this .. what .. SnM is it? Literally fighting with knives? Too far for me .. but women in bed together .. cool with me! Ditch Nick and get back to better story lines for Kalinder ...

    loved it that the old judge was totally tech-savvy .. really loved that angle. ..moreless
  • Over the top!

    This show normally gets a 9 or better from me. However, tonight the two ladies in the bed was unnecessary and over the top. It can not be said enough to writers in Hollywood; stop trying to shape the social conscious of viewers. The was nothing less then offensive to me.
  • Love it as usual

    I loved the case this week. The judge was so much fun and Rita Wilson is always suberb. I really enjoyed how the case was jumping back and forth. Eli is always fun. The only thing I didn't like is Kalinda and Nick. I wish they will wrap up that storyline soon. I have to say it offends me to see a man treat his wife the way he does.

    It does not offend me to see two women in bed. I find american network shows fun like that. You can show a decomposed corpse and maggots crawling all over it (in shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS) but don't show a boob! Most people have sex and see naked bodies. Most people don't see corpses. At least I hope not. I'm not saying we need a lot of sex in shows but it is interresting why a naked body is so difficult for so many people.

    Anyway, The Good Wife is a great show I love to watch and the actors are all fantastic. Keep it up!

  • Two Girls One Code

    This was a bit of a different episode today, and not necessarily different in a good way.As someone who works in marketing I was intrigued by the idea of SEO and a tech-heavy case being at the forefront of this show, but it was actually a little boring, and they chose to settle the matter in an nonsuspenseful way.

    The Peter and Alicia storyline was pretty weak as well. Not a bad episode, but not TGW quality.moreless
Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson

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Virginia Kull

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Dominic Chianese

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Chris Noth

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John Benjamin Hickey

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    • Nick: I know you tried a lot of things when I was away, and I forgive you.
      Kalinda: Thanks.
      Nick: Yep. But now I'm back. And I don't want you doing anymore of that college dorm stuff. No more... no more women.
      Kalinda: Things change.
      Nick: Some things don't change. You belong to me. I belong to you. And I know where your girlfriend lives.
      Kalinda: I'd like to see you try.
      Nick: I don't think you would.
      Kalinda: Oh, I would. She's a federal agent. My girlfriend is a federal agent. So good luck with that.

    • Gross: I know what you're doing. Your firm's bankrupt. You lost my competitor, Patrick Edelstein, so you're looking for another big fish. You know I have a tendency to buy out my irritants, hire firms who sue me, so this... just a little performance piece.
      Will: Well, not to toot our own horn, Mr. Gross, but there is strategic advantage in hiring the firm that used to represent your competition. Although we're legally bound by attorney-client privilege, we know how Mr. Edelstein works and we know how to beat him.
      Gross: You're right, strategically smart, but, you see, here's the thing, I don't like you, and I intend to go out of my way to never hire you. Nice talking with you.
      Will: Look, Mr. Gross, little advice, if you're looking for a good lawyer, don't go with who you like. If I can irritate you like this, just think what I can do to your enemies.
      Gross: I'm rich enough not to care.

    • Peter: (about the rumors) Look, I have a target on my back, and this is not true.
      Alicia: Do you remember what you said the first time? "It's not true."
      Peter: And that's exactly why they're throwing this crap at me because my denials will look like lies. It's politics.
      Alicia: The problem is, Peter, I don't give a damn.

    • Nick: (after they pulled knives on each other) You know, you have a strange idea of how things work now. I'm the husband and you're the wife.
      Kalinda: Yeah. And this isn't your home anymore.

    • Nick: Who's Peter?
      Kalinda: Someone.
      Nick: You have a lot of someones in your life.
      Kalinda: Yeah.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 14, 2012 on Global
      Czech Republic: February 25, 2013 on Universal Channel
      Finland: September 16, 2013 on Liv