The Good Wife

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Highering the stakes

    So.. This episode in so many ways tried to built more ground and tension for coming episodes, probably. I mean, it was all about getting Alicia's story more deeper, giving more ground to play, have some amazing scenes and give some more story to the children.

    In so many ways the children really stole the spotlight in this episode. I mean, the son doing the investigation is quite an good idea. It looks great in screens, adds more doubt and more interest. Like the end and the whole filming thing. Those faces of kids.. they look scary and left you wonder, why that man was photographic their front door.

    I also love Alica testifying. She really shined there and that was really powerful scene. And they said lawyers make worst witnesses. She really did perfect.

    And the case they were working. That was good too. I specially loved the twist.
  • Alicia testifies.

    A bit too slow-moving at point, but still the most hard-hitting, accurate attempt at recreating the legal system for our television enjoyment.

    I found myself a bit uninterested in Diane Lockhart's performance in the court room, which seemed phoned in and without much effort. Christine Baranski's acting credentials need no introduction, so seeing this mailed in performance was a bit unsettling and I'd prefer they had Will Gardner in the box more.

    What I did like was Alicia one-upping the lawyer, proving that even if she was called as a witness she is still craftier than anybody when it comes to the US legal system. A good empowering moment for her character, and the development continues with her mindset. Does she or does she not want husband Peter back?

    Solid episode overall, just a bit dry at times.