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The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 12

We, the Juries

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2014 on CBS

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  • I Object.

    This court case didn't hold my attention what so ever, there were a couple of stand outs that had to do with this case. The two opposing jury's that Will said he never saw them having a conversation in Judge Spencer's chamber's, going against what Alicia saw as well, turned out to be that they were lovers. Robyn again doing her job alot better than Kalinda, as it turns out Barrett, the flight attendant is a recovering drug addict. Kalinda making a date with Cary for a drink and then getting played by Cary (l loved that), then Florrick / Agos getting the Paisley Account. I dont know what's going on with Kalinda, is she lonely, does she need a friend and does this all have to do with Jenna and Damien. Now for what i did find interesting the Moody and Eli conversation, Marilyn talking to Alicia about the video (l knew it was about what happened last season with Zak). Alicia going off at Peter was wonderful to watch (why can't Alicia be like that in a court room without the emotion). As for Marilyn she is just doing her job and as for Will, you have sunk to the lowest, i cant wait for Peter to punch you in the face. Can we have Diane and Alicia go head to head in court and the same with Cary and Will because i'm tired of seeing Will and Alicia all the time. Fantastic Episode.
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