The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 12

We, the Juries

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2014 on CBS

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  • We The Juries

    The Will and Peter moments are always intense and interesting when they come up. This was a strong episode overall and proof of how good this season has become.
  • Alicia has begun to become a total disappointment!!!

    Alicia's character used to be so strong that the series actually rotated around it. Unfortunately she has become a total disappointment since the end of series 4 when she started to leave the firm and started stealing clients. Will is totally right in whatever he is doing and I will stop watching the serial if the writer will actually make the hero (Will) of the serial into a villain by making him loose cases and let Alicia and Carrie win the battle.

    For a moment, I was very happy when Alicia walked into Peter's office assuming that she had an attack of morality after knowing that Peter cheated, and was expecting that the old Alicia will wake up again BUTTT what she said to Peter was again a disappointment.

    I would request the writer and the director to save one of the most adorable characters I know, Alicia. there is still some time, please bring her back
  • what did AI just watch?

    This was just poor. Did this excellent show take all their fantastic writers outside and shoot them? weak, weak, weak. Are they trying to become a sitcom? are they circling a tank of sharks before jumping it????
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