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  • Very good

    Nice show
  • Just as bad a Shuriken School

    Ever since 2006 when Hurl Boy, I mean, Squirrel Boy came which is the worst show in history. CN hasn't even been trying anymore. Now going to 2009. We have a new crappy cartoon just as bad as Squirrle. This show is so horrible Who even know what its?! It got cancelled on it's run on ABC and Comerdy Central took in intrest and brought it back. WHAT??! What's cute about this pile of crap? This ChalkZone, This Just In and Shuriken School won't let a Viacom owned Network air Oggy and The Cockroaches, MegaMan: NT Warrior, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and Mr. Bean: The Animated Series because actually like those junkie shows. If it weren't for removing This Just In, Yakkity Yak, Shuriken School and Tak and The Power of Juju and this on Viacom networks, they would still be full of crap. First of all Not only do the characters look ugly, they act stupid, annoying, idiotic, childish, immature, and creepy! Gerold is the leader of the family, and is just annoying, he has probably the personality in history, his also too sissy. probably the ugliest hippy in history. Helen is supposed to be smart, but actually acts like a complete moron. Plus she looks hot. Mr. only the worst of the antagonist, but one of the worst of the show. Seriously he sounds like he's being choked to death and The angry cop is kinda a ripoff of Kongo from Monkey Magic. And his personlity are actually even worse than Gerold'z. Plus he gets mad every time he's bored. Charlie shouldn't even be the leader of the group, he's just a jerk-face. The Humor is just gross-out Jokes and poorly written movie parodies. You should never laughed once in this crap! Don't even laugh by how stupid this show is! The actors weren't even trying on this show. The acting is just soooo pathetic. Don't even get me started with the animation! Everybody walks too stiff, the lip syncs are off, its too colorful and bright, everybody looks ugly (Especially in that episode Gerold's Way or The High-Way), almost everything about the animation sucks! Everything in the show sucks too! I'm sorry but there's nothing good about it!


    Please stay away from this show and let it be banned in america like it should have right after the 1st episode when it really should have never aired. Overall Grade: (-infinity/10).
  • What Was This Trash?

    Mike Judge apparently wanted to concentrate on doing other animation work when he learned that FOX would be cancelling his long-running series, "King of the Hill". However, Judge's successor series, "The Goode Family", is nothing more than a liberal counterpart that likely would have found its way on Air America Television, if the short-lived radio network would have been successful enough to go into the video spectrum. The only memorable character is the housewife, who looks like Meredith Vieira in her younger days (and probably should have been voiced by Vieira). It was amazing that a short-order season run of 13 episodes was completed and its reruns began airing on Comedy Central. There is virtually nothing to recommend here--the show's only redeeming quality is that it is free of the offensive humor found in more abysmal fare such as Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  • This show is horrible! it's a bad recycle job of King Of The Hill. Why do they keep giving Mike Judge work?

    Spin off from King of the hill? you will recognize the voices from K.O.T.H., even some of the characters look similar. So what's the difference from K.O.T.H.? Both unfunny, both drawn poorly. Goode Family main characters are tree hugging, vegetarian, hippies. Hank Hill disliked those types of people, so I guess that's the difference. I'm not sure what age group they were trying to appeal to with this show. There's not enough low brow, crude humor to appeal to the college crowd, and the political correctness will disgust the older generations. This show won't last long. Nothing new here. Don't waste your time.
  • Just Not Good(e)

    This is the PERFECT summer show! It makes you want to go outside as soon as it comes on. The animation is atrocious (far worse than K.O.T.H.), and it's just nothing close to funny. What's with the formula of stupid loser son and preppy disinterested daughter? Not only is there nothing original about this show, but it's just tedious to watch. Some of the writing hasn't been too bad, and there are a few sight gags, but everything is just so predictable and... Boring!

    13 episodes, just enough to carry thru summer, then the new fall lineup will come out and this one will get kicked to the garbage, errr, recycling pile.

    Goode riddance.
  • Mike Judge, you're better than this.

    Mike Judge is a great writer and to see him come out with this "comedy" is just horrible. A very obvious KOTH flip from semi-conservative to fanatical liberals but it's done poorly. Some parts of the show were borderline funny, especially the bits with their dog. Okay that was the only part really.

    My opinion on the show has nothing to do with my political stance (because I know many people will try to make that fit in to the reviews here), the bottom line is "The Goode Family" just isn't all that good. Nothing was comical in this show, it was preachy and bland. Maybe epis. 2 will go better but I doubt it.
  • I'm a big fan of Mike Judge's work. Pretty good show so far.

    I loved both Beavis & Butt-Head and King of the Hill. This show seems similar to King of the Hill, but w/ a completely different kind of family. The Goode Family is kind of like the opposite of the Hill family. I am definitely going to give this show a chance. So far the pilot episode was pretty funny. Probably not too many people even know about the show yet. I guess it is still a pretty new show. Hopefully some other King of the Hill fans will tune in. I think both liberals and conservatives can enjoy this show. It's all good fun. :)
  • I'm a liberal and still find this show hilarious!

    This show is a win for me. Even though I am a liberal, I laughed my ass off throughout the whole show because it makes fun of the people who are extreme at saving the environment. The show's humor is smart and is not like family guy or south park in which it has toilet humor and dirty language. I think anyone who has a good sense of humor would find this show funny. I love how the dog is supposed to be a vegan but is really not and the rest of the family is completely oblivious to that.

    It's about time someone grew a set and challenged the stupidity of political correctness and let's be honest, most of the "reviewers" are going to be hacked off because they're liberals and this show decimates liberals. Well let me just say, thank God that ABC bought and aired this brilliant comedy. Thank you ABC. Kudo's to Mike Judge for showing some balls. I hope they keep this show on the air. It's racy and it's at least pointing out the BS in the enviornmental movement. This will have a special place in my TIVO AND I'll be watching it every week.
  • The Goode Family is looking up to be one of the best shows in history, with one of the best Pilots I can recall any show having.

    I love this show already. It is almost as heart-warming as King of the Hill, but does a good job at exploiting liberals'ignorrance and making fun of the green movement. I knew I would enjoy the show, having Mike Judge made my 2 favorite shows of all time. Some may doubt they can keep up making jokes about the green movement, but I don't think it's that hard. Mike Judge had it down so well, it just came naturally. This show is perfect, but some may think it's not funny. I honestly don't know. It's my first time I actually laughed at a show other than King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-Head. Not even South Park can make me laugh anymore. It's not all about laughs, though, because looking at The Goode Family for what it is, it has likeable characters, a good story (hilarious at that), and great animation. It has all these things without being too crass, and although the Goodes are meant only to be a parody, Mike Judge made them very likeable, like he does to all of his characters.
  • wow just from watching the first ep i'm almost completely turned off of this show. It wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be though.

    wow it was really bad. First the offensive words the wife said to the neighbor. Then she said other disturbing things that cannot be said here that she wanted to tell her daughter about. then at the dance the father and daughter were retarded and suddenly thought that purity rings = incest. The poor dog is being starved to death and the family should get sued for animal cruelty. The mother has an obvious drinking problem and self esteem problem. She also likes to constantly lie to others so i definately don't like her character. the daughter is the most normal out of the entire cast. The brother is ok he seems pretty normal and innocent happy go lucky. The grandfather is hilarious i'm sure i'll like his character. He also sounded familiar but i can't think of what cartoon. The husband seems very nice as well although a bit stupid. funny how the neighbor is a meat only eater. I can't think of what they call that. I'm surprised that he doesn't have scurvey though since that means he doesn't eat fruit.
  • Great show. At first I thought it was just going to be another liberal show, but it wasn't. It was a parody nun the less. It was fantastic.

    Great show. At first I thought it was just going to be another liberal show, but it wasn't. It was a parody nun the less. It was fantastic. Great show. At first I thought it was just going to be another liberal show, but it wasn't. It was a parody nun the less. It was fantastic. Great show. At first I thought it was just going to be another liberal show, but it wasn't. It was a parody nun the less. It was fantastic. Great show. At first I thought it was just going to be another liberal show, but it wasn't. It was a parody nun the less. It was fantastic. Great show. At first I thought it was just going to be another liberal show, but it wasn't. It was a parody nun the less. It was fantastic.
  • There is nothing Goode about this horrible show.

    Let me start off with a simple question. Who lost a bet? I do not take this **** seriously. Now, granted, I've only seen one episode; the first one to be exact. But that's ALL I needed to see. In fact, I couldn't even sit through all of it. The lack of humor was making me sick. I was at the point of not only puking, but throwing the damn TV out of the window. This is being canceled I've heard. I'm SO happy that this is going to be off the air. We don't need another King Of The Hill. Mike Judge has gone down the ****ter. Bevis and Butthead was okay. King Of The Hill was crap. But this...this is utter **** I need a beer.