The Goodies

Season 1 Episode 4

Caught in the Act

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1970 on BBC Two
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Caught in the Act
The Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs hires the Goodies to go undercover at the Playgirl club to retrieve compromising photos of herself. Things get out of hand when Tim, dressed as a woman, sneaks into the club and takes over.

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  • The worst episode of the first season, both script and quality

    This episode is close to lost. What I have watched is the YouTube copy (which is the entire episode). I can't say that I enjoyed it much.

    As with many Goodies episodes, the first third is pretty good sitcom. The minister who gives them the job is well played, an annoying ever-talking woman.

    But from there there are not so many things to laugh about. The main point with the show is to try to mix the gender roles, especially by making "bunnies" of Bill and Graeme, but also by making women aggressively chasing men. Also, there are scenes trying to get laughs from Tim in drag, including nude women in the shower, but those scenes stay too long on the nudes so the nudity becomes more important than Tim's embarassment. The pantie-spotting scene gets one big laugh for the mirror on the shoe, but otherwise it is awfully sexist.

    I love The Goodies, I think Tim, Bill and Graeme are both exceptional in making funny shows as well as remarkably good actors, but this was not their finest hour.moreless
  • The Goodies are asked to recover some sexually explicit photos of politicians from the Playgirl's club, but the task can only be taken on by a woman. Queue the first appearance of Tim in drag.moreless

    The only three ways to have ever seen this episode are as follows: 1. actually been around for its first and only broadcast, 2. have a very good friend at the BBC and are prepared to watch an extermely low quality edited version, or 3. to watch the 15 minutes worth of clips on (which is what I did)

    From what I can make out this episode does a better job of situations later episodes such as wickid waltzing cover (this example being corruption). And always adding the witty way of poking fun of ridiculous things about life that makes the Goodies so special.moreless
Mollie Sugden

Mollie Sugden

the Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs

Guest Star

Liz Fraser

Liz Fraser

the Club Manager

Guest Star

Queenie Watts

Queenie Watts


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Mock Advertisements for this episode.

      Omar Khayyam Hospital: Enjoy your illness in pleasant surroundings.
      Goodies Sliced Butter and Extra Hard Bread Cutter: Just send four 'Goodies Sliced Butter' wrappers and we send you a free set of false teeth.

    • This episode was the first, of many, that featured Tim dressing in drag.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Graeme: You nip down to the phone box outside, call the office, and pretend to be the lady consultant.
      Tim: What?!
      Bill: Yeah, you can do the voice. You did it at Christmas…
      Tim: That was different. That was Christmas!

    • (Tim calls the office, pretending to be a female Goody)
      Tim: What was your particular problem?
      Minister: Uh, yes, well… it is rather personal. Have you ever heard of the Playgirl Club?
      Tim: The Playgirl Club! Oh that's the exclusive, sexy club for ladies.
      Minister: Well I don't mind telling you my dear, it's a dreadful place, I wouldn't be seen dead in it. Anyway, I was in there the other night…

    • Minister: I just popped in for a quick noggin, but you know me, after two or three bottles I'm anybodies!

    • Graeme: (about Tim) He's been gone a long time, hasn't he?
      Bill: Three weeks.
      Graeme: What do you think he's doing?
      Bill: Come on, what would you be doing if you were in a place like that, eh?
      Graeme: No he can't do that, not when he's dragged up like Queen Victoria.

    • (Graeme is on the phone to the Minister)
      Graeme: Look, we were wondering are there any men working in the Playgirl Club? Yeah… as what? Wolves?!
      Bill: Wolves?!
      Graeme: (to Bill) Male Bunnies.

    • (Miss Heifer has brought Bill and Graeme to the Playgirl club where they discover Tim, still dressed as a woman, has taken over)
      Tim: What on earth have you brought me this time?
      Miss Heifer: Mmm, two more men.
      Tim: Men? Call those men? They look more like a bad impression of Laurel and Hardy.
      Miss Heifer: Oh, they're not bad.
      Tim: No, they're not bad; They're pathetic!

    • Tim: (as a woman) Yes, but our wolves are supposed to be strong, virile and hairy.
      Bill: Like you!
      Miss Heifer: (to Tim) Well it's up to you Mitzy.
      Graeme: Mitzy?!
      Tim: You called?

    • (Tim is trying to save Graeme from being seduced by Miss Heifer by saying Graeme is in love with him)
      Miss Heifer: I don't get it!
      Tim: And you won't! (to Graeme) Come with me cookie-pants.
      Graeme: Get off!
      Miss Heifer: (dragging Graeme to her) See, he doesn't want you! You're fat and old and ugly!
      Tim: Fat and old I may be, but ugly? Ugly?! Course I'm ugly, that's what he likes about me.

    • Tim: If you don't mind my saying so, Minister, I hope you've learned your lesson.
      Graeme: Yes, you won't go to a place like that again, will you?
      Minister: I most certainly will not. But then of course, I don't need to now, do I? Now that I've met you lovely boys…'We do anything, anytime', eh? (strokes Bills hair)
      Bill: What do you mean?
      Minister: Come to Prudence! (The Goodies run away in fright)

  • NOTES (3)


    • Bill: Wolves?!
      Graeme: Male Bunnies.

      An allusion to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Club (1960-1988) where the female waitresses dressed as Bunnies, inspired by the famous rabbit mascot.