The Goodies

Season 9 Episode 5

Change of Life

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1982 on BBC Two

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  • A sad mixture of backward references and humor about aging

    The first half of this show is about getting older. I know, we all get older, and yes, it is frustrating and thus you can joke about it. In this show, it sometimes is somewhat fun, but usually not. Bill's coffin with the text "good riddance", and Graeme's suicide machine, it all seems like fun ideas, so I don't really know why I am not laughing.

    The second half, where The Goodies compete against the robot to show that they are still good enough, is mostly pathetic, a mix of backwards references, re-using old gags, and they mostly feel cheap and unfunny. The robot sings "Funky Gibbon", they do a really bad Ecky-Thump scene... I get the sad feeling that they knew that they were at the end of the line with The Goodies and made a show about that. They were quite correct, but that doesn't make this show better.

    On the positive side, I did laugh at the scene where they do trick shots with falling dummies, and get them wrong, Bill "teleporting" to the wrong side of the scene. And, again, some of the aging humor was funny.