The Goodies

BBC Two (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • Animals are People Too AKA Animals AKA Pets
      Graeme's pet shop has a special new line - people dressed up as animals, but they also suffer from being dumped so Tim sets up a protection society, while Graeme cruelly puts the strays to work.
    • Holiday AKA The Holidays

      A supposedly relaxing holiday in the seaside village of Dunsquabblin turns very stressful when the Goodies are trapped inside for 17 days due to heavy rain and snow.

    • Change of Life
      Change of Life
      Episode 5
      The Goodies are preparing to close their business due to old age until the threat of the robot taking over forces them to undertake the Standard Test to see if they are still capable of being Goodies.
    • Big Foot AKA In Search of Bigfoot AKA In Search Of ... Arthur C. Clarke

      The Goodies set off to the Canadian Rockies in search of the mythical Arthur C Clarke, but find all sorts of other weird creatures, including the legendary Bigfoot.

    • Football Crazy
      Football Crazy
      Episode 3
      Bill the soccer hooligan is in fine form as Tim becomes Chief of Police in a bid to stamp out such boorish conduct, with football then becoming so boring that its fans flock to the ballet instead.
    • Robot AKA Automation
      Due to dire financial conditions, Bill is fired and replaced with a baby robot; however Tim and Graeme need help with raising the robot and hire a strange bearded Swedish nanny to look after it.
    • Snow White 2 AKA Pantomime
      The Goodies are kicked out of the Seven Dwarves for being too tall and are lost and unemployed until they attempt to enter the castle controlled by the princesses.
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