The Goodies

Season 2 Episode 11

Gender Education

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1971 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Gender Education

In response to a proposed appaling BBC film (for schoolchildren, mark you) on S-E-X education, Mrs. Desiree Carthorse - the self-proclaimed most powerful person in the field of television, if not the world - enlists The Goodies to make her version: "How To Make Babies By Doing Dirty Things." However, she dismisses it as too rude without even watching it. So a rebellious Bill starts making video nasties for the BBC.


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Beryl Reid

Beryl Reid

Mrs Desiree Carthorse

Guest Star

Richard Wattis

Richard Wattis

the TV Interviewer

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Alex MacIntosh

Alex MacIntosh

the BBC announcer

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This episode was made because The Goodies were appalled at Mary Whitehouse praising their show as "very nice". The episode was intended to be one she would hate because it was a parody of her. But the episode failed to elicit a complaint from Mary Whitehouse, much to Tim's disappointment.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Mrs Desiree Carthorse: Now I have a very important job that needs doing, but I must have the right people to do it. That is why I've been observing you.
      Tim: But why us?
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: I can only entrust this job to someone with a responsible attitude towards watching television.
      Graeme: But we weren't watching television!
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: That is what I call a responsible attitude!

    • Mrs Desiree Carthorse: I mean, I don't find you reading dirty books, looking at filthy television programs and playing around with girls. You are obviously…
      Graeme and Tim: Unlucky.

    • Graeme: Bill, this is Mrs Desiree Carthorse of the 'Keep Filth Off Television' campaign.
      Bill: You're pulling me leg.
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: (gasps) I never thought I would hear a gentleman like you use a disgusting word like L-E-G.
      Bill: You're right! It is her, isn't it.

    • Graeme: What? You mean you're going to make a film about S-E (makes an X in the air)
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: No! You are. And there is the script I've written for you. It's called 'How to Make Babies by Doing Dirty Things'.

    • Bill: You mean you're gonna condemn that film without even seeing it?
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: Why should I change the habit of a lifetime?!

    • Bill: Hey! Mrs Carthorse! Tis Mrs Carthorse isn't it?
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: Yes…
      Bill: What does your husband do?
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: He keeps his distance!

    • Tim: It's no use, they've all turned against us. Just look at all these letters. (picks one up and reads it out loud). "Call yourselves Goodies? Baddies is more like it. You must be sick! I only hope that a great big burglar breaks into your home, steals your ill-gotten gains and smashes your ugly faces in. Much love, Mummy".

    • Interviewer: Obscene, dirty, squalid, scabrous, salacious, lewd, randy, rude, outrageous, lubricious… and a bit off. Just a few of the words that are used to describe the new controversial Gender Education film made by the Goodies.

    • (after watching an announcement about Bills' new TV shows)
      Tim: Violence, violence, nothing but violence… if ever I see Bill again I'll smash his ruddy face in!

    • Bill: (about show business) When you've been in it as long as I have…
      Tim: Four days! And already you're corrupted.
      Bill: I'm totally unspoilt by my success.
      Tim: Unspoilt?! You're a mean, vicious, unprincipled little brute!
      Bill: Well, I always was!

    • Tim: (to Mrs Carthorse) Belt up you silly C-O-W!!
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: Oh! Police! Rape! (starts to faint)
      Graeme: Rape?!
      Mrs Desiree Carthorse: Where?! (faints)

    • Radio Announcer: Mrs. Desiree Carthorse yesterday attacked The Goodies for their part in a controversial Gender Education film which has already caused widespread concern. These so-called Goodies have produced a repulsive piece of gratuitous titillation, thinly disguised as a film to be shown to innocent schoolchildren. This degrading filth has quite rightly been banned, and something should be done about the nasty little minds that made it! They must be HORRID people. They must be really HORRID, NASTY ... YEUCHH YEUCHH. I mean, I don't even want to THINK about it! YEUCHH, YEUCHH ... YEEEUUUUCCCCHHH!!!!

      And now, the shipping forecast.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The scene of the destruction of the BBC was reportedly screened at BBC functions and parties, where it attracted huge cheers. In the book The Goodies Rule OK, Bill Oddie said: "everyone who's worked there has wanted to blow the place up at some stage — and we did it!"


    • Tis episode is sometimes known as "Sex and Violence".

    • Available on "The Goodies ... At Last" Region 0 DVD (Network 7952171) and "The Goodies - 8 Delicious Episodes" Region 4 DVD (BBC/Village Roadshow) both released 2003.


    • Mrs. Desiree Carthorse: -
      The character of Desiree Carthorse is based on Mary Whitehouse who, thinking she knew better than everyone else what was suitable for TV viewing, set herself up as a guardian of public & TV morals.

      TV producers were quietly pleased when she complained about their programmes because it inevitably increased viewing figures.

      Ironically, she initially professed herself to be a fan of The Goodies as a family show, but later changed her mind when she saw the carrot symbol on Tim's underpants in "Saturday Night Grease!"