The Goodies

Season 9 Episode 6

Holiday AKA The Holidays

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1982 on BBC Two

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  • A rather dull attempt to make something similar to "The End"

    Like most episodes in the last season, this is noticably below the usual standard of The Goodies. Instead of the over-the-top situation in "The End", The Goodies here get trapped in a common holiday hut, and the whole story feels like something that would rather happen in a more average series. They do make some gags, and it is not poor, just average, decent entertainment.

    The episode is a typical low-budget episode, all done in a singe studio setting. The Goodies have proven that they can do 30 minutes first-rate entertainment of that (The End, Earthanasia, Stone Age). They just didn't do that here.