The Goodies

Season 2 Episode 14

Kitten Kong (Montreux Special)

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 1972 on BBC Two
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Kitten Kong (Montreux Special)

The Goodies open an animal clinic and take in numerous kinds of animals with varying problems, including Twinkle the undersized kitten. When Graeme’s growth formula causes Twinkle to grow to an enormous size and wreak destruction and havoc on London, it is up to the Goodies to catch him. The Montreaux Special has extra scenes not featured in the previous version.


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    Michael Aspel

    Michael Aspel

    the Reporter

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    Milton Reid

    Milton Reid


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    Corbet Woodall

    Corbet Woodall

    the Newsreader

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      • (getting Bunter the sick guinea pig out of his basket)
        Tim: Why, what's the matter with him?
        Bill: Well apparently he's off his food, he hasn't eaten a thing for ages.
        Tim: Well neither have I, I'm starving… (goes to take a bite)
        Bill: Don't eat him!
        Tim: Why not?!
        Bill: There's no meat on him.

      • (after Bill serves the guinea pig pudding for dessert)
        Tim: Ruddy hell!
        Bill: Surely you're not resentful of a little kindness to one of our dumb friends?
        Tim: The only dumb friend I've got is you!

      • Bill: What did we get the last time you cooked supper, eh? A bowl of cornflakes! Heh... yes, and they were burnt.
        Tim: Better than your soggy lettuce and potato peelings!
        Bill: On the money you give me you're very lucky to get anything at all, I can tell you! Ooh, I've a good mind to go back to mothers.
        Tim: Well go!
        Bill: I shall.
        Graeme: Now, listen!
        Bill and Tim: And you keep out of this!

      • Tim: (on a megaphone) Bring out your loony animals, please. Your loony animals! Crazy cats, daffy dogs, batty budgies… we accept them all. Thank you.

      • Bill: (looking at baskets full of pets What is it in there?
        Graeme: A vampire bat. (Bill shrieks and runs away)
        Tim: A vampire bat! What's that doing in here?!
        Graeme: Vampire bats have their problems too you know! He's afraid of the dark.

      • Bill: (examining an empty tortoise shell) Oi, Graeme! Graeme! I reckon Colin your tortoise has escaped, you know.
        Graeme: Ah well, never mind. I'll tell you what… tell you what, prise him apart he'll make a nice pair of ashtrays.

      • Graeme: (about the kitten) Ah dear, I wish Tim could see him now.
        Bill: Tim? Who's Tim? Oh Tim! Yeah, I haven't seen him for a heck of a long time.
        Tim: (bursting in through the door) Four days! Four ruddy days I've been up that tree!
        Bill: Hehehe… I'm ever so sorry!
        Tim: It's all that blasted kittens fault… where is it? I'll wring its neck!

      • (upon realising Bill put the giant kitten outside for the night)
        Graeme: Come on! We gotta find him and catch him before he eats someone he shouldn't!
        Tim: No, you mean… you mean something he shouldn't.
        Graeme: I know what I mean…
        Bill: Oh heck!

      • (after watching a news report about the kittens rampage)
        Tim: It's huge! It's a monster!
        Graeme: It's only a kitten.
        Bill: Oh yeah? It's already eaten the Post Office Tower. And half of Westminster Bridge. And it's been giving Buckingham Palace some funny looks too!

      • (dressed as mice)
        Bill: Oi, oi, oi, what do you mean 'cats eat mice'?
        Graeme: Look this way we lure Twinkle, and when he gets close enough, in goes the antidote.
        Bill: You mean we're gonna be the bait?!
        Tim: Ah, well, not exactly us Bill… You are!

    • NOTES (4)

      • This was a revamped version of the original episode which included the added sequences of the singing dogs and Michael Aspel being squashed by Twinkle. It picked up the Silver Rose at the 1972 Montreux festival.

      • The Region 0 & 4 DVD versions of this episode have a commentary by Bill, Tim and Graeme.

      • Also available on a Jef Films Region 1 NTSC DVD (2004) and a BBC PAL VHS video BBCV5829 (1996).

      • Available on "The Goodies ... At Last" Region 0 PAL DVD (Network 7952171) and "The Goodies - 8 Delicious Episodes" Region 4 PAL DVD (BBC/Village Roadshow) both released 2003.

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