The Goodies

Season 5 Episode 7

Kung Fu Kapers AKA Ecky Thump

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1975 on BBC Two
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Kung Fu Kapers AKA Ecky Thump
Bill reveals himself to be a Grand Master of the infinitely more subtle and superior Lancastrian martial art of Ecky Thump.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Graeme flops onto the beanbag after the fight with Bill, there is a message on the board behind him which says 'It's Still Gibbon Time', referring to the song 'Funky Gibbon'.

      • While watching this episode during its original airing, a 50 year old man named Alex Mitchell could not stop laughing for 25 minutes and then died from the strain it put on his heart. This is probably the most well-known incident of someone actually dying from laughing.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (Tim and Graeme are teaching themselves Kung Fu from a book)
        Graeme: Right, you stand there.
        Tim: You're not gonna hurt me are you?
        Graeme: Slightly.
        Tim: (crying) I don't wanna be hurt.
        Graeme: Now Tim, Tim, there is an old Chinese proverb; The King of Kung Fu… doesn't cry a lot.

      • (coming in and finding Tim out cold on the ground)
        Bill: Oh, hello… what's the matter with him, then?
        Graeme: I killed him.
        Bill: Oh you are careless, y-you really are, honestly! What's for dinner, Graeme?
        Graeme: We were doing Kung Fu…
        Bill: I'm not eating that!

      • Bill: Oh that Kung Fu, load of rubbish, doesn't work that.
        Tim: (wakes up) What happened?
        Bill: There you see, that proves it doesn't it. You said he was dead! Like Chinese food that is… half an hour later you have to kill him again.

      • Tim: (about Ecky Thump) Is it good for hurting people?
        Bill: Honestly… really! You come on like a poncy, public school pansy. Underneath you're a savage little devil you, aren't you?
        (Tim nods enthusiastically)

      • Graeme: Ecky Thump! You know, it's our own fault. We should of let him keep his little secret.
        Tim: Little secret? He just belted us with black puddings!
        Graeme: It's extremely effective.
        Tim: Yeah, extremely hard!

      • (about setting up Ecky Thump classes)
        Bill: Who am I to deprive the world of a little harmful fun, eh?

      • (Bill has left to march on Parliament)
        Tim: Right, that is the end of civilisation, as we know it.
        Graeme: Not necessarily. Now how are we gonna stop him?
        Tim: I don't know…
        Graeme: I do. (smiles smugly for a moment)
        Tim: Well how?
        Graeme: Well it's obvious isn't it?! He's useless without his pudding!
        Tim: Aren't we all?

      • (plotting to stop Bill)
        Graeme: How are we gonna get our hands on his pudding?
        Tim: Most of all, on everybody's pudding!

      • (Graeme has just fallen into a vat of black pudding)
        Tim: I found the recipe! 500 gallons of pigs blood, 3 grosse of calves stomachs, 400… oh, poor little tom kittens. Monosodium glutamate, rats brains, dung… hey get out of that!!!
        Graeme: What?
        Tim: You'll absolutely ruin the flavour.

      • Ecky Thump Grand Master: There's nowt wrong wi' owt what mitherin' clutterbucks don't barley grummit!

    • NOTES (1)

      • Available on "The Goodies ... At Last" Region 0 DVD (Network 7952171) and "The Goodies - 8 Delicious Episodes" Region 4 DVD (BBC/Village Roadshow) both released 2003.

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