The Goodies

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1970 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

The Goodies are hired to create a marketing campaign to increase sales for 'Venom', a drink to aid sleep. Sales increase when they change the name to 'Snooze', but things take a turn for the worse when Graemes' new and improved formula is too powerful and sends everyone in the country to sleep.moreless

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  • The second episode and the first top-notch one

    The Goodies gets the job to market the bed-time drink Venom, which is promptly renamed to Rolf Harris... no, to Snooze. And they succeed, only to have Graeme to invent an "improve Snooze" and from there disaster follows.

    This episode has a tight and well-planned script from start to finish, which can not be said for all Goodies episodes.

    The sleepwalking sequence is the primary slapstick, and it is very good indeed. Also, Graeme's morning habits is very funny, crowned by his dressing.

    The episode is noteworthy as the first episode that focuses on marketing, with mock ads moth in print and film, and the mock ads are relevant for the story. In that respect it is topped only by the equally excellent "It might as well be string".

    Apart from perfect acting by the three Goodies, Roddy Maude-Roxby contributes considerably by his irritating, speedy Rupert Windcheater.

    The weakest part of the show is the ending, where the antidote speeds people up. Speeding up movie clips is simplistic and the gag feels dated. But at that time I have had such a good time that it doesn't matter.moreless
  • In the first decent episode of The Goodies, the gang are required to market a bedtime drink called Venom. With the implication of a sleeping country there is a great chance for comedy.moreless

    Okay, so, after a slightly disappointing start, the Goodies move on into a classic storyline revealing for the first time Graeme's loonie scientist personality. Graeme's new imnproved venom (Now named snooze) sends the entire country to sleep for a month. This is a very simple plot but the simplicity is why it works so well. Unlike some episodes I can name this is the first time the Goodies acheives its target to make you burst out in laughter every minute.

    Overall this episode was a decent start to great things to come, but don't even get me started on episode 3....moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Mock Advertisements for this episode.

      Snooze: Hamish and I sleep better, sleep deeper, sleep longer, thanks to 'Snooze'.
      Snooze for pets: He never stops! That's why I give him Snooze. That keeps the stupid mutt quiet…

    • Graeme takes some Snooze and starts sleepwalking. At one point he goes through a hole in a wall which had been made earlier by a sleepwalking Bill. As Bill is much smaller than Graeme, the hole should not have been big enough for Graeme to get through.

    • For the sleepwalking scenes Bill and Graeme adopt the classic sitcom sleepwalking mode with arms outstretched in front. Has anyone actually sleptwalked like this in real life? At least it comes in handy when Tim is unable to start the Goodies van!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Rupert confronts the Goodies after the antidote incident
      Rupert: The only way to get everybody back to normal speed is to feed them all Snooze. They've commandeered all available stocks of Snooze. And we've had to hand it over for nothing! Millions of pounds worth for nothing! We're ruined! I'm reuined!
      Pulls out a gun from his pocket
      Now, I'm going to ruin... you!

    • Rupert: (chasing the Goodies around the office in rage)
      The government have come down on Beachrow like a ton of bricks! And I can tell you...
      Goodies: What?
      Rupert: The Prime Minister ten times his normal speed is not funny!
      Bill: Oh, he must be!

    • Rupert: I'm the Marketing Executive of Beachrow Products, and my firm would like to exploit you. Uh, employ you!

    • Rupert: And remember, this deal could mean 50 million to us!
      Tim: 50 million?!
      Rupert: Oh yes, there could be 10 quid in it for you too.

    • (trying to name the product)
      Graeme: I know, Sleepy Bo-bo's!
      Tim: What?
      Graeme: Sleepy Bo-bo's! Then whenever anybody says 'I'm going to sleepy bo-bo's' they'll think of…
      Bill: Nobody ever says they're going to sleepy bo-bo's!
      Graeme: I do! Every night since I've brushed my toofy-pegs, put on my piggy jim-jams, I say I'm going to sleepy bo-bo's! Everybody does!

    • (The Goodies are working on their advertising campaign)
      Bill: I've done a jingle!
      Graeme: There's a good boy.

    • (about the new improved Snooze)
      Tim: That stuff is just too powerful!
      Graeme: No it isn't.
      Tim: Well, what about him, then? (points to a sleeping Bill)
      Graeme: Well, it only sent him to sleep.
      Tim: For three days!

    • Tim: (to Graeme) You do realise you knocked out the entire Board of Directors at Beachrow Products and they're not going to take that lying down!

    • Tim: Now what shall we call it? Something sleepy, soporific, late night.
      Bill: How about Epilogue?
      Tim: No.
      Bill: Uh, Rolf Harris?
      Graeme: No, he's not late night.
      Bill: Sends me to sleep!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Graeme's all-in-one zip-up suit.

    • There is no dialogue for the first 3 minutes and 40 seconds of this episode. (Well, not strictly accurate - at one point Graeme turns on the radio and we hear the inane DJ chatter of Tony Blackburn. This is mercifully cut short when the radio is demolished by an automatic mallet.)