The Goodies

Season 1 Episode 5

The Greenies

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1970 on BBC Two
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The Greenies
The Goodies work with a Cornwall Vicar to put a stop to a secret military project, after their holiday in Penrudden Cove is disrupted by an Army takeover.

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  • Now this is more like it! Its holiday time at Goody HQ and the group decide to go to a seaside village only to have their holiday interrupted by the military attempting to turn a kid's playpark into a missile testing facility.moreless

    So far in this series we haven't seen any true classic episodes but this is brilliant comedy material. The military (unlike the police) has always been a great subject for humour (see dad's army) and with the crazy schemes you've seen so far you just know that only the Goodies can make a hostile military missile facility about as worthless as a kid's playpark.

    This is the funniest episode so far and really deserves its score. Fortunately the same can be said for the rest of this seriesmoreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Mock Advertisements for this episode.

      Westminster Sub-Machine Gun: If anybody comes in and fouls up your housework try our Westminster Sub-Machine Gun.
      BBC Television: Later tonight on BBC television: sex, violence, drugs, murder and perversion.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (systematically packing their individual suitcases)
      Graeme: Bucket.
      Tim: Spade.
      Graeme: Rubber ball.
      Tim: Rubber duck.
      Graeme: Shrimping net.
      Tim: Hairnet.

    • Graeme: You do realise we don't know where we're going yet?
      Tim: Oh yes we do, we're going to Little Brittlingseed.
      Bill: Oh, Little Brittlingseed… (looks at a map) Little Brittlingseed?! It's six foot deep in oil!
      Graeme: Oh, right. How about Great Brittlingseed? They got rid of the oil there.
      Bill: I know. It's six foot deep in detergent!

    • (trying to decide where to go)
      Graeme: How 'bout Cromlin Bay?
      Bill: Uh, Cromlin… no fear. They lost an atom bomb there, last year.
      Tim: Nyah, so what?
      Bill: They haven't found it yet!

    • Reverend Rose: Just a moment… I remember you! You've been here before. Quite some time ago, wasn't it?
      Tim: Yes… I was only four at the time.
      Reverend Rose: Yes of course, I thought I recognised you. You haven't changed a bit.

    • Reverend Rose: The final straw came last Tuesday night, when we heard strange rumblings and eerie voices up on Penrudden Hill. And poor old Jed Travivic climbed up the hill to investigate. Gentlemen, he returned a raving, mindless idiot.
      Tim: I remember old Jed Travivic… He always was a raving, mindless idiot.

    • Tim: If only we knew what they were planning.
      Graeme: Here we are, this could do it. (picks up a metal device)
      Tim: What's that?
      Graeme: It's a long range bugging device. We just train it on the meeting and see what's going on. It's a miracle of modern precision engineering.
      Tim: Well, what are we waiting for? Use it!
      Graeme: I can't. It's broken.

    • Brigadier: That brings me to forthcoming events. Now our pollution chappies are working on a very grand scheme to dump certain supplies of nerve gas in the North Sea. Of course we shan't alarm the public by announcing it, but we better prepare some sort of explanation for all the dead fish and seagulls.
      Captain: Blame it on the Navy.
      Brigadier: Yes, oh and if I were you, I shouldn't eat any oysters for the next fifty years or so.

    • (The Goodies are looking through secret files)
      Tim: Are you sure we should look? Won't we be contravening the Official Secrets Act?
      Graeme: Yes.
      Tim: Well do you think we should?
      Graeme: Yes.
      Tim: But we could get into trouble.
      Graeme: Yes. But we're not gonna tell anyone we've seen them, are we.
      Tim: I might, I'm terrible with secrets.

    • (after The Goodies have demonstrated the playground/missile range)
      Brigadier: Yes, my lads will have hours of harmful fun playing with this lot!

    • Graeme: I do have some new orders from the War Office for you and your men.
      Brigadier: (reading the orders) My God! We've been posted!
      Graeme: Yes. You see, it's all part of a cunning new Government plan. As you know, there's been a bit of a fuss about us selling arms to the whites in South Africa. So you're being sold to the blacks to even things out.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The "Westminister Sub Machine Gun" mock advert from this episode was orignally part of an episode of the radio series I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again.