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  • Why on earth would you cancel this show

    I looked forward to it for months, and when it finally arrived it did not dissapoint me at all! In fact, i was surprised by how funny it was. I was waiting and wainting for the second season to come out, only to realise it had been cancelled! If you want to have 20 minutes of pure genius, you should watch this show. Brilliant acting, and formost, brilliant dialogue! Please bring it back!
  • Engaging cast makes up for absurd premise

    I really like this show, which features funny writing and excellent performances by the principles. At the same time, the actual premise is like a small pebble in my shoe, constantly aggravating. You've basically got a guy who was a bad father, and decides he will manipulate his children after he's dead to make it up to them and give them the lives he thinks they should want. If he was a lousy father in life, how would he possibly be a good one in death? And it's fairly absurd that the most together of the three would go along with this. And unfortunately there's just no way to make this premise go away; this will be the show, forever and ever.

    But it's still really fun, so it's cool..

    This show is so cute!!! The three siblings are funny and quirky. Please renew ................................
  • Smart Touching Funny

    I just finished watching the probable finale to this show and, sadly, this is a really good show. The concept is quirky, yes, but the chemistry between the actors on this show is fantastic. You would think they had been together for years. This show has both silly and intelligent humor sometimes in the same moment. Most importantly it has heart. These are three siblings who have lost their way and Dad is helping them from the grave (unless of course he was alive all Shame on you Fox for not giving it a chance and shame on you America for not tuning in.
  • Better than you Olympics

    Great premise, great cast, awesome writing. Just stumbled across Goodwin on Hulu. It's the best show I've seen since Modern Family, which Fox also missed out on. If they drop this show, they will be well on their way to becoming the next NBC. Please move this show to the slot before or after New Girl (another great show). It will kill!!!!
  • Surprisingly Good

    I wasn't expecting much from this show, but after three episodes, I have to say, this show is actually good and funny. Especially the third episode, and especially the fake yoga. On paper, the characters sound kind of stereotypical, but they are quickly proving to be quite deep. The show is also generally well-acted, consistently funny and makes you feel good inside. It's nothing huge or ground-breaking, but I think that's part of the show's charm. It's simple and well put together. Definitely worth a watch.

  • Eerily Similar

    This show is eerily similar to the music video for The Shins called "Simple Song;" 1S4Q
  • Refreshingly Good

    Initially I was a bit skeptical about watching this show but after watching the pilot, I found myself laughing a lot and it was quite good. I like the family dynamic and Beau Bridges as their eccentric dad was quite good. I will definitely recommend this show for people to watch. Its one of those shows that will just make you laugh for half an hour and then you forget all about it until the next episode.