The Goodwin Games

Season 1 Episode 4

The Hamletta

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 10, 2013 on FOX
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A new challenge from her father gives Chloe to give up her ambition to be an actress and pursue an academic career.  Meanwhile, with his fiancée concentrating on getting elected, Henry is finds himself planning weddings.

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  • Alas poor Ostrich

    The episode starts with the siblings eating breakfast, which wouldn't be out of the ordinary unless there was an ostrich in the kitchen, and there is. They find the latest challenge from Dad, this time is is a math puzzle, which Chloe solves in 5 seconds. There is a nice banter about who the smart one that bother Henry, the Harvard doctor, because he thinks he should at least be in the running to be considered the smart one. But this is clearly going to be a Chloe centric episode.

    The puzzle leads her to the local college where it turns out her father enrolled her wthout her knowledge. So she has to deal with the idea that she might have to complete college to win the prize, not an unlikely scenario if this show actually finds a way to get picked up. And she has to think about giving up her acting career.

    Thsi is a runnug joke through the episode. Henry keeps telling her she is a terrible actress. jimmy just keeps saying she is a fabulous actor.

    There is a flashback to the moment she decided to become an actress, a great cameo by Dave Foley as the acting/Spanish teacher who tells her she is Oscar bound. And a few cuts of her stage career in high school as the star of his rewritten plays, her parts consist of her coming on stage and prancing around in sexy costumes that have nothing to do with the plays. But of course she didn't remember it that way, she thought she was a star in the making.

    While Chloe is struggling to prove she is a good actress to Henry, Henry finds out that he has been texting his so far unseen fiancee's assistant, not his actual fiancee. Her assistant points out that the fiancee Kate is running for Congress and doesnt have time for texting so she has been handling it. This leads to a quick joke about him taking and sending a penus selfie to the assistant thinking it was his fiancee. So good news, Henry likes the kinky. And he gets a congrats on what is apperntly a nice package.

    jimmy doesn't do much this episode. But when Chloe tracks down her old acting teacher and they go to the old school to re-enact one of her "famous" scenes, the cops show up in the form of Keith the Teeth, Jimmys friend and Henrys unspoken rival for his ex, Lorraine (not in the episode). And when Keith arrests Mr Quilty for being on school grounds after he was arrested years before for being a perv who like to spy on the girls in the lockerroom, it turns out Jimmy had been the one to call in a fake crime to get the police to come in the first place. it turns out he knew Mr Quilty was a perv, and he , like Henry, believed Chloe was a bad actress and she should go back to school to be the academic they always believed she should have been. I don't know if TJ Miller improvised his characters reviews of Chloe's last couple of acting gigs, but it was funny and had great timing.

    There is another flashback to Chloe and April as best friends, this time with another math geek, a boy named Ivan. And when Chloe finally decides to go back to college she unwittingly and literally runs into the same Ivan on Campus, only know the geeky boy is Adam Rodriquez and she is attracted to him without knowing who he was.

    It was standard sitcom material, nothing truly special. But considering the dreck that Fox and the other broadcast networks put on the air in the fall instead of this, it seems a shame it was pushed to the summer dump. The idea that jimmy read about 1200 books in prison, 48 about the Buddha, was a nice touch to the character. he isn't stupid just someone with impulse issues. And the mispronounciation of buddha was a soft laugh. Something the Whitney show had problems with.

    I know there is little hope for the show to be picked up, but there is so much that is enjoyable about it. They don't have to spend every episode creating stories for every character, Jimmy and Henry were great as supporting stories this week.

    And I want to meet Henry's fiancee. And see more or Lorraine and April. And frankly the town of Gamby is a small one, so I would like to see Dave Foley come back as Mr Quilty.

    And I mentioned the ostrich in the title. It turns out the ostrich in the kitchen at the beginning of the episode is from an ostrich farm down the road from the Goodwin house that April tells them is run by morons. So the ostrich makes an appearance at the end of the episode too, by which time Jimmy has given him a name. But that means there could be an episode or two whith the wacky ostrich farmers, and that means cameos by other talented comedic actors.

    I am holding out hope for this show, I know I shouldn't but maybe it will find it's way into the Fox summer rotation.moreless

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