The Graham Norton Show

Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 44

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Oct 09, 2008 on BBC

Episode Recap

Tonight Graham is joined by 80's singing sensation Cyndi Lauper and actress Jennifer Saunders. Graham discusses Jennifer and Cyndi's past jobs and how they got to were they are now in their careers. Cyndi talks about piercing peoples ears. Jennifer talks about meeting her comedy partner Dawn French and how they lived together when in college. She also talks about her marriage to fellow actor and comedian, Ade Edmondson. Graham asks her about her children. Cyndi talks about her husband and children as well. Jennifer talks about how her work has come under scrutiny from focus groups and executives. Graham reveals that in honour, a focus group has been set up about chat shows. The group are about to watch some clips, however they don't know that what they'll actually be watching is live. Firstly they are asked about canned laughter, guests plugging material, before the focus group is told that what they were actually watching was live. Jennifer talks about her last live French & Saunders shows starting next week in the West End. Cyndi discusses her new CD and the music on it. Some of Cyndi's fans perform some of her songs and Graham and the guests have to decide which one is their favourite. Cyndi plays out the show with her new single Into the Night Life.