The Graham Norton Show

Season 4 Episode 7

Episode 49

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Nov 13, 2008 on BBC

Episode Recap

Graham discusses tonights guest, Robin Williams appearance in the series that began his career Mork & Mindy and other films and series he has appeared in, he also discusses Prince Charles' 60th birthday. Robin joins Graham, to discuss his part at Charles' birthday party, and whether or not he's going to have to censor his material. He then moves onto talking about his opinion on Barrack Obama's election. An audience member becomes a genie, in honour of Robin's appearance as the Genie in Aladdin. Robin then discusses the material he recorded as the Genie. Next is a look at a story about a penguin which was rejected by it's mother, so was bought a stuffed penguin toy for company. Robin talks about gay penguins in a New York Zoo. Before Graham rubs a lamp, which creates the audience member genie. The audience has been asked to draw a cartoon of themselves and Graham shows some of the drawings off. A audience member does their Mrs. Doubtfire voice, Robin then talks about how he got into the character. Robin then talks about George Bush's departure as American president , and the effect it has on him as a American comedian, and their's a look at him showing Barrack around the White House. Robin talks about why he supports the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Graham and Robin then go host their own radio show, using shout outs recorded by members of the audience, with help from his genie. Estelle then plays out the show with her latest single 'Come Over'/em>.
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