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Have The Grammy Awards gone downhill in recent years?

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    [1]Feb 13, 2012
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    I can't figure out why The Grammy Awards even exist on TV and when I have seen it sometimes I think it has gone downhill and I don't understand why The Grammy Awards are such a giant deal. Is it because this award show was created to make the singers sell more records or is it to give new artists their big break in music? Because every year I think The Grammy Awards get overhyped and get way too much promotion and when the Grammy Awards finally are shown people are tired of seeing countless advertisement and it makes me shocked that they do this every year. Another thing I have noticed about the Grammy Awards is why do they have tributes to artists that are still alive in the music business and I think that these tributes are wastes of time and they should do something better to attract more people to the show. Take for instance I felt that the Glen Campbell tribute was totally unappealing and they should've done something better like have Glen Campbell hand out an award rather than have a tribute to a singer who's still alive. Also another thing about the Grammy Awards that shows why they become to popular in ratings every year is the fact that the CD's that are Grammy Winners become popular for two years then sell in the bargain cd bins of Target and Walmart and I can't figure this out. Because every time I go to Walmart I see tons of Whitney Houston cds and Britney Spears cds being sold anywhere from 5,99 to 7,99 and although the price is great I think it is just tiring that a Grammy Winner cd gets to the Walmart bargain bin and this makes me think that this is the reason why The Grammy Awards are downhill,

    Do You Agree?,


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