The Grammys Forgot They Are An Awards Show

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    After watcching The grammy Awards for about 25 years, I will not tune in again in the future! It's absolutely shameful taht what used to be an awards show is now not much more than a 3+ hour concert and soapbox for political and social commentary. There were how many, 15-20 awards presented on air last night? That's pathetic! There are, I believe, over 100 catagories. I know it's impossible to present all of them on air, but in the past around 50 were presented on air. Now you have to go to the Grammy website in order to see who won in most of the catagories. Even high profile catagories like R&B and Country were ingnored with the exception of 1 award. The musical performances weren't event all that great. I personally only really liked Lady GaGa/Elton John, Lady Antebellum, Dave Matthews Band and Green Day. The Michael Jackson "tribute" wasn't even a tribute but a collaboration on a 15 year old song, while wonderfully performed, the 3D ruined the experience. Yeah, 2010 Grammys will be my last unless "The Acadamy" wakes the heck up and remebers what The Grammys are, AWARDS. A real shame that the artists, producers and songwriters worked so hard and they can't get the public recognition they deserve.
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