The Grammy Awards

CBS Premiered Mar 16, 1971 Special


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  • Grammys hit a new all time low...

    Giving Justin Bieber a grammy.
  • I like most people only watched a little of the Grammy's and then turned it, because it was horrible

    I don't know why musicians and actors have to try to spread their opinions on people, they are there for the music and to present the award it's not their personal forum, Ihope the advertisors know that this is only hurting them, as less and less people watch every year, because they are sick of these people who apparently don't believe their beliefs and opinions aren't strong enough to stand on their own, so they have to force them on people. I'm sure people will agree but just look back and see how only one opinion in all these awards shows is always represented, and even if you believe in that opinion do you think that any means necessary tactic really helps what they believe in, or does it make people not only sdislike their opinion but dislike the musician and the whole awards show?