The Grand (1997) - Season 1

ITV (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Part Eight
    Part Eight
    Episode 8
    Monica is forced to face the consequences of her actions when she is put on trial for murder while Esme and Kate attempt to keep her neck out of the noose. Stephen is determined not to have his relationship ruined with Kate by the class barrier. Meanwhile Ruth and Marcus' marriage goes ahead but he finds a quiet moment with Sarah to reveal the truth behind his decision to wed.moreless
  • Part Seven
    Part Seven
    Episode 7
    Monica finds herself in serious trouble when she meets up with an old boyfriend. Later she is forced into a dangerous situation when she ends alone in one of the hotel rooms with two male guests. In an act of self-defence, she ends up killing one of them. Meanwhile Ruth prepares for her wedding day but Marcus is not so certain he is doing the right thing.moreless
  • Part Six
    Part Six
    Episode 6
    A dog runs amok around the hotel and strikes fear in to the staff when it is thought to be suffering from rabies. John is bitten and is taken ill while his wife finally succumbs to Marcus' request. However after a night with Sarah, Marcus makes a shock announcement the following day: he plans to marry Ruth. Monica goes against hotel staff rules when she is taken under Esme's wing in search of alternative employment.moreless
  • Part Five
    Part Five
    Episode 5
    Adele finds herself attracted to Maggie, the daughter of a friend of the Bannermans who stays at the hotel to recover from appendicitis. When their relationship becomes more intimate, Adele struggles with her desires and her knowledge of what is socially acceptable. Meanwhile Sarah is left devastated following the death of a child.moreless
  • Part Four
    Part Four
    Episode 4
    Jacob Collins is embarrassed by the knowledge that his son was branded a deserter in World War One and he is ashamed when his colleagues find out what happened. He decides to give all in savings in an attempt to clear the names of other soldiers who suffered the same fate, but finds himself the victim of a scam. Marcus does some dubious business dealings in an effort to recoup Collins' money. The downstairs staff find they have a new manager, Sarah, when Mrs Harvey goes down ill with the flu. However Sarah quickly discovers that running things efficiently and effectively is not so simple when all your workers do is squabble.moreless
  • Part Three
    Part Three
    Episode 3
    John and Sarah's son Stephen is keen to make a good impression on Celia Sutton. In order to finance their nights out together he takes money from the till without his parents' knowledge. When the takings are down, the finger is pointed at the staff below stairs. Meanwhile Esme struggles to keep her real occupation a secret when she recognises Celia, a prostitute she used to take care of. Collins is aware of Stephen's wrong doing but his diplomatic character prevents him from revealing the truth. The Grand Hotel's reputation is put in jeopardy thanks to Esme's reputation and her past.moreless
  • Part Two
    Part Two
    Episode 2
    Marcus agrees to assist his bother and sister-and-law when he decides to obtain a bank loan invest in The Grand. However when he also raises the money through the sale of his cheap, slum housing, some desperate people are made homeless. His plans to reduce the staff quarters and renovate their accommodation into guest rooms causes more friction. Meanwhile, a young, pregnant woman who was made homeless by Marcus' callous business methods looks to ex-colleagues Kate and Sarah for help. Esme Harkness has an unexpected visit from an old acquaintance.moreless
  • Part One
    Part One
    Episode 1
    There is a jubilant mood at Manchester's Grand Hotel when John and Sarah Bannerman hold an extravagant party to celebrate its re-opening. However, the atmosphere soon changes when the book keeper commits suicide and confesses to defrauding the hotel out of thousands of pounds. John's brother Marcus is prepared to help the Bannerman's out of their difficult financial situation, but only if Sarah is prepared to sleep with him.moreless
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