The Great Adventure

CBS (ended 1964)


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  • The Great Adventure - Go Down Moses

    This was a phenomenal presentation on Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railraod. It inspried a huge report in the fifth grade on the subject as well as reading everything possible on the woman and the UR network.

    If I am not mistaken, I recall an episode about Dorethea Dix and her work to establish the ASPCA and better treatment for the mentally ill.

    However, I do not see that listed here. Anyone else's memory recall this episode?
  • Remarkable Historical anthology series produced by John Houseman.

    This is one of the great "unknown" TV shows. It aired on Friday Nights on CBS from 730 to 830. The host of the show was Van Heflin, and the magnificent theme music was by Richard Rodgers. Every episode told a true,and in many cases little- known episode from American History. The episodes included one about the Confederate Submarine The Hunley, another about harriet Tubman, and nother about the death of Wild Bill Hickock- and that only scratches the tip of the iceberg. Every episode was well written and featured an all-star cast. This was the first time, for example ,that the tragic story of Wounded Knee was told on American television. It is truly a national disgrace that this entertaining and educational show is not more widely known, or that there are not serious efforts to revive it. Incidentally, it was cancelled by orders of Jack Aubrey, the same half-wit who canceled East Side/West Side and Slattery's People. The only place it now exists is in the CBS vaults, where it molders like those other two shows.