The Great Adventure

Season 1 Episode 4

Six Wagons to the Sea

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 18, 1963 on CBS

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  • An odd--and unlisted-- role for tough guy Lee Marvin

    An interesting story about a bunch of Armenian immigrant grape growers from Turkey in the American west trying to get the railroads to lower shipping rates to that they can get their produce to market without losing their shirts. And the the leader of these farmers? Misok Bedrozian played by Lee Marvin in what has to be his most unusual role ( and one not listed on his credits). The farmers decide to use wagons in lieu of the railroads, inducing the RR to hire a bunch of goons to beat the them for their "intransigence." The goons emerge suddenly from boxcars on tracks the farmers encounter on their trek.

    I note one discrepancy in all synopses of this series. The narrator (host?) is said to be actor Van Heflin. I don't recall Heflin at all in this series. I do recall a young strong-jawed man, a historian I think, named Gerald Gough (Goff?).