The Great American Dream Machine

PBS (ended 1972)


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The Great American Dream Machine

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    All I can remember about the show( I actually remember a few other things) is Marshal Efron opening a can that had just one (lemon sized) olive in it..Unbelievable...

    Always wondered if he was related to the Nora(?).... I also remember a segment with a lonely Campanella(Godfather)...

    If it was 38 or so years ago,how old does that make Brooks and Chevy Chase?


    The opening of the show was also great..a little stretched,but great. I just hope that it comes out on DVD..... .When you see that the big show on TV today is a few women sitting around a table gossiping for what?,an hour,about ?..

    These people really need help(spelled HUMOR)..Like a chair breaking when they sit in it...moreless
  • A pretty funny show with Chevy Chase.

    A pretty good comedy show on all counts. I can take it or leave it. This is the type of show that everyone really needs to just watch for themselves to decide. Have you ever been watching a show and have somebody ask you a question that made you wonder if you were watching the same program? Well, this is one of those shows for me. It's like I'm thinking about it differently than other people. Then you have the people that say "It's not funny if you have to explain it." While that is true sometimes, it is also true that sometimes the viewer just "doesn't get it." I hate shows that have to "dumb things down" because of how some people perceive it.moreless
  • A weekly satire-based PBS series that aired 1971-72 presenting skits and a lampoon of news items with a rotating cast of performers including Chevy Chase and Albert Brooks and "hosted" by Marshall Efron.moreless

    This short-lived PBS series included some of the great comedy minds of America in early career writing and performing stints. Marshall Efron, Chevy Chase, and Albert Brooks lent their writing and acting skills to a weekly irreverent look at America. Skits and other satirical send ups were the essence of this innovative, hysterical look at society, news, and culture. A truly ground breaking series that unfortunately had only a brief run on PBS, cancelled in part due to a lack of funding but also due to a lack of foresight and a fear of censorship at PBS. This is clearly a 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars TV series. Unfortunately, the only possible viewing of the humor and creativity of The Great American Dream Machine can be found in the film, The Groove Tube, which includes a few of the concepts the series offered as ownership questions preclude any release of the series on DVD. When the DVD is released, it is a must see.moreless