GADV Submission Guidlines

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    Episode Submition Guidlines

    Before submitting to The Great American Dream Vote
    please make sure the info you are about to submit has not already
    Submitted, this will save time and you won't be getting those dreaded
    "User Submission Not Accepted" PM's. I don't Like Reciving those PM's
    either and I also don't like to Reject Any Submissions for GADV either
    But I Will do it If no one Reads this post first before submitting.

    When you submit to this show guide please include the following Information PLUS
    a link to the source of your info and the site must still Exsist,
    broken links will only lead to your submissions being rejected.

    • Episode Name
    • Unique Episode Summary
    • Episode Airdate

    summaries must be unique: repeating the same basic summary/concept is
    not acceptable. A URL that cannot access is not an accessible

    ***If the above requirements are not met, your submission
    will be rejected. When editing these episodes thereafter, you must also
    have a URL for any edits you are making up until the episode(s)
    actually airs.***

    [Since these episodes have not yet aired
    and whatever the most current information regarding them is definitely
    available on the internet, there isn't any reason why you shouldn't be
    able to provide one.]


    is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view
    an episode. Trivia is attached at the episode level, not the show
    level. It should be specific to what aired in the episode and not deal
    with off-camera events, which should be submitted in the "notes" form.
    A car license-plate number is trivia, and a producer walking off the
    set is a note.


    An allusion
    is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it
    to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. Allusions
    are prevalent in television shows, and some shows, like The Family Guy,
    make extensive use of this kind of humor. When submitting allusions,
    always credit the original media being referenced with as much detail
    as possible.

    Nielsen Ratings

    Nielsen Ratings are copyrighted material and should not be submitted to any guide.

    Guest Stars

    featured in historical footage typically should not be listed as Guest
    Stars, particularly if they have no other TV appearances. They can be
    included in Notes or the Recap. The People In the audiance are not
    guest Stars.

    Show Quotes

    All show
    quotes must have the name of the speaker(s) bolded using HTML start and
    end tags. The name is then followed by a colon, which is not bolded.
    The dialogue itself should not have quotation marks around it. There
    should be no spacing between different speakers’ lines in the same
    quotation, or extra spacing after the last line of a quotation.
    Action/context/background description should be in parentheses (or
    brackets) and italics. Quotes need to be Episode specific, Not show
    specific. They also need to provide value to the episode, PLEASE do not
    just copy down the lines as read.

    Brooke: So that's the boy that beat Nathan?
    (Peyton nods)
    Brooke: Well, he's good from behind.

    How to properly quote:

    Please do NOT use any quotation marks.
    Please put html tags for italics around any "action."
    Please put the colon OUTSIDE of the html tags.

    Top 10 Ways for your submission be rejected

    10.) Nonsense:
    Some examples of this Nonsense would be "this show rocks!" or "donny
    osmond's hot!" That kind of information is useless and has no value to
    the guide or anything else. Submissions must make sence.

    9.) Duplicate Entries:
    this might happen at times and it can't be avoided. The best way to
    keep this from happening is to Double check the Show guide to see if
    the info you have is not on the guide already, it's really simple and
    easy and it only takes a minute.

    8.) Posting in the wrong section:
    trivia info belongs in trivia, quotes belong in quotes, notes belong in
    notes, etc., etc. please be aware of where your submitting your stuff

    7.) Hersay or Gossip:
    Statements like "*so & so* has a thing for Rebecca Roman" or "*so
    & so* is living with a mystery woman/man in California" belongs in
    the tabloids. Stick to the facts, Just the fact.

    6.) False Information:
    submitting fake episode numbers/names/airdates just to boost your CP
    & level is a bad Idea. If you think an airdate or production code
    or Episode Tittle is Incorrect and you know of the correct Episode
    tittle/Production code double check that first to make sure it's
    correct then submit it.

    5.) Pictures: Sorry to say but due to Copyright issues Picture submittions are not allowed so please don't send any.

    4.) Improper Formatting: Please read the FAQ for information on formatting. Quotes for example should be like this: name: quote.

    3.) Links/Email Address: Don't include links to commercal websites or personel websites and don't include your's or someone elses e-mail address.

    2.) Copy And Paste:
    You Cannot copy off sites like Wikkipedia, Yahoo!, IMDB or The offical
    site for the show; the information on those sites are copyrighted.
    Write your own Biography, sypnosis or paraphrase one that's already
    been written, be creative. Don't copy from someone else's work, if
    there's a sentance or paragraph of the submission can be found on the
    web then it will be rejected.

    & The Number One way for your submission be rejected is....

    1.) Bad Grammar/Spelling:
    Let's all pretend we're back in school and your writing an essay on the
    war on iraq or some other subject. Would you turn in your paper with
    incomplete sentances such as "Is not a fan of the war" or "*so &
    so* Hates the internet"? I didn't think so. Be nice to the mods, Spell
    check your words first The moderators don't have time to check and fix
    your spelling or grammatical errors!

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