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ABC (ended 2007)


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  • The show that does all the work for you!

    The "Real" American Dream is supposed to involve people actually working hard to try to make their dreams come true. If you want to own a big house, two cars, and a giant swimming pool, you'd better work your you-know-what off. But this show has a better idea: Give it all to you for free! Forget working for anything, forget the people that are actually struggling to even make ends meet. That's right, you could have anything you want thanks to a dumb-ass television show that doesn't know what the American Dream really is. The whole thing is sick and makes the bile rise up in my throat.
  • I was more excited to see "The Donald" back on television than I was for the actual show.

    Glad to see "The Donald" back on television but come on!! This stinked! It was stupid, cheesy and I didn't care who won. It bored me. Silly dreams being granted. I guess they couldn't do great dreams like for the homeless or like cancer victums becuase someone would have to lose but then don't try at all! They can't do tear-jearkers because people will be pissed to see someone's important dream not come true making stupid dreams being granted unbearable! If you can't do good dreams then drop it! The format was smart and I luv Donny Osmond but the dreams had to suck. Who could even be a fan of this crap? I don't care if this idiot gets hair or this creepy teen gets what was it? a beuauty queen contest try? Gimme a break! I tried to like it, I did. Either give good dreams or go home!
  • I consider the cancellation of this awful show a mercy killing.

    What little I did see of it was on The Soup where they showed these goofy people with absurd things they wanted to do.

    Some woman parades her daughter around saying she wants her daughter to be the next Miss America, it was like watching Jon Bonet Ramsey all over again. Then there was some guy who wanted a chicken theme park. Nothing but chickens.... ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

    These arent dreams, these are people with the insane idea that this show will do things like making your daughter Miss America or building you an insanely goofy chicken theme park. Mercifully ABC pulled the plug on this show destined to be only part of trivia contest questions about shows pulled after only 2 episodes.
  • The show's ratings really did show just what the country thought of it. No one will ever know now if ratings would have eventually climbed, as ABC cancelled the show today, Thursday, March 29, 2007, after just 2 telecasts.

    Donny Osmond is an extremely likeable guy, having been in the public eye for decades now.

    But, hopefully he'll find something else to either host or participate in, because ABC has already cancelled the show after only 2 telecasts.


    ABC has canceled “Great American Dream Vote” after only two episodes, the network confirmed Thursday.

    The new reality series hosted by Donny Osmond generated very low ratings during its two airings. A premiere preview episode following “Dancing With the Stars” on Tuesday night earned a 1.9 rating among adults 18 to 49. Then last night’s 8 p.m. outing scored a 1.5 rating.

    The setback came on the heels of ABC having a pair of late-season successes, with new drama “October Road” scoring a strong audience following “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursday nights and the record setting return of “Dancing” earlier this week.
  • Didn't make me care about who reason to tune back in.

    I turned on the show to see Donny Osmond. Donny is always a professional and makes things fun--and he certainly is putting in the effort here.

    The problem is the show--we don't get to know enough about the people competing for their dream to care who wins. The guy who won a head of hair got his dream, plus a vacation, $20,000+ in spending money and a new car! If there are going to be prizes that large to some "unknown"--and I get to vote who gets it--I need an interest in the people. All we get are two minutes of background, then watch the contestants bash each other's dream trying to win votes for themselves. I don't know enough about these people to say, "yeah, I really want you to have that dream of being on a professional football team--you deserve it". And, for that reason, there's no compelling reason to tune in to the next episode (or to even vote). All the best with the show though....maybe there are others who "get it" better than I...and while Donny is awesome in his role, the show would do much better with fewer contestants (already pre-screened) so we can get "character development" in the people. We may then have a greater interest in gifting someone with a lifetime chance of seeing their dream come true.
  • My American Dream: To have this show taken off the air.

    Who ever came up with this show here is a few pointers. Let me describe to you what a "GREAT" American Dream is.... One thing is for sure it is not for a full head of hair. The fact this guy one makes me sick and the more interesting enough how he got on the episode is funny in itself. I am wondering if this show is based around comedy. If it is than I should of given this show a higher score. In any case I watched for 5 minutes as the winner was announced. Enough said right there I simply switched the channel. 25,000 for a head of hair. Glad to see the American dream is costly enough for one guy to look just a little bit better. Although I am sure for his case that even hair won't improve much of his image. Please give me a break ABC. If there was ever a low point in American television this show would hit that spot.