The Great American Dream Vote

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • My American Dream: To have this show taken off the air.

    Who ever came up with this show here is a few pointers. Let me describe to you what a "GREAT" American Dream is.... One thing is for sure it is not for a full head of hair. The fact this guy one makes me sick and the more interesting enough how he got on the episode is funny in itself. I am wondering if this show is based around comedy. If it is than I should of given this show a higher score. In any case I watched for 5 minutes as the winner was announced. Enough said right there I simply switched the channel. 25,000 for a head of hair. Glad to see the American dream is costly enough for one guy to look just a little bit better. Although I am sure for his case that even hair won't improve much of his image. Please give me a break ABC. If there was ever a low point in American television this show would hit that spot.