The Great American Dream Vote

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Didn't make me care about who reason to tune back in.

    I turned on the show to see Donny Osmond. Donny is always a professional and makes things fun--and he certainly is putting in the effort here.

    The problem is the show--we don't get to know enough about the people competing for their dream to care who wins. The guy who won a head of hair got his dream, plus a vacation, $20,000+ in spending money and a new car! If there are going to be prizes that large to some "unknown"--and I get to vote who gets it--I need an interest in the people. All we get are two minutes of background, then watch the contestants bash each other's dream trying to win votes for themselves. I don't know enough about these people to say, "yeah, I really want you to have that dream of being on a professional football team--you deserve it". And, for that reason, there's no compelling reason to tune in to the next episode (or to even vote). All the best with the show though....maybe there are others who "get it" better than I...and while Donny is awesome in his role, the show would do much better with fewer contestants (already pre-screened) so we can get "character development" in the people. We may then have a greater interest in gifting someone with a lifetime chance of seeing their dream come true.