The Great American Dream Vote

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • I was more excited to see "The Donald" back on television than I was for the actual show.

    Glad to see "The Donald" back on television but come on!! This stinked! It was stupid, cheesy and I didn't care who won. It bored me. Silly dreams being granted. I guess they couldn't do great dreams like for the homeless or like cancer victums becuase someone would have to lose but then don't try at all! They can't do tear-jearkers because people will be pissed to see someone's important dream not come true making stupid dreams being granted unbearable! If you can't do good dreams then drop it! The format was smart and I luv Donny Osmond but the dreams had to suck. Who could even be a fan of this crap? I don't care if this idiot gets hair or this creepy teen gets what was it? a beuauty queen contest try? Gimme a break! I tried to like it, I did. Either give good dreams or go home!