The Great American Quiz Show

Season 1 Episode 1

The Great American Quiz Show

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 1987 on A&E



  • Notes

    • Barbara Eden answered 7 questions right because she took a chance with some of the questions.Barbara Eden enjoyed doing the show very much in fact it pointed out to her why so many people are at odds and argue about legal points because they don't know the Constitution that well.Barbara Eden enjoyed doing "The Great American Quiz Show" Barbara Eden thought it was Great! She enjoyed it.
      Tony Randall answered 10 questions right.Tony Randall said
      the US is a very young country though we have one of the oldest governments on earth.Countries much older than we are have much younger governments.Our Country has endured longer than any other country now in force on earth and it is because of our Constitution that has held our country together.
      Isabel Sanford answered 8 questions right.Isabel Sanford said she was amazingly surprised and that she learned quite a bit herself doing the show and it was Lovely doing the show.
      Marc Price answered 8 questions right.Marc Price said he was 19 and doing the show he was surprised he didn't know as much about the Constitution and doing the show inspired him to learn more about the Constitution.
      John Davidson said hosting the show inspired him to learn more about the Constitution.He was surprised by how much he didn't know until hosting the show.