The Great Escape

Sunday 10:00 PM on TNT Premiered Jun 24, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • It's something to watch...

    ... If not much else is on.

    Like the other review, I was expecting actual escape attempts but this is more of a game show transplanted into exciting locations. for example: the pilot, escape from Alcatraz... they have to search their cells for the escape plan map and KEY to the cell?

    Plus I have to call foul on the "Guards" patrolling. how do they NOT spot a couple making noise like these people do... oh and with a CAMERA CREW in tow?? watch an episode or 2... watch how the camera following the people (usually with a much needed lighting rig) pop out showing us a guard approaching or walking by and the guards just blissfully ignore the camera 2 feet away. these locales aren't crawling with cameramen, they're pretty exclusive to the teams so either add random cameramen around to cammo the teams or stop pretending you didn't just see a guy with a huge camera and light rig peek around a door at you. it really ruins believability.

    The concept has a lot of promise but falls somewhat flat on delivery.
  • Disappointing

    Figuring how over-saturated the TV were with commercials for this show was everywhere, I was actually expecting legitimate attempts to escape structures all means necessary, but figuring that these are from the people who gave us The Amazing Race, they feel the need to importing those powers over here as well resulting in a guided/linear foot race completing a bunch of planted obstacles. This show could've been good, but the now tired track race idea takes any fun out of it.

    Somebody should consider renaming this show, escape is misleading.
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