State of Georgia

ABC Family (ended 2011)


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  • Season 1
    • Locked Up, a Broad
      Episode 12
      Georgia's in trouble after defying Aunt Honey and borrowing one of her dresses to wear in an upcoming audition. As soon as Georgia puts on the dress, it gets caught in a desk chair. She enlists Jo to help, but with her clumsy ways, Jo only makes things worse. Realizing they cannot call Aunt Honey, the girls have no other choice but to call Lewis to their rescue. Will he be the hero they need him to be?moreless
    • 8/17/11
      Georgia and Jo visit a community garden and meet two organic farmers, Amos (Josh Janowicz) and Jeb (Charlie Weber), and end up planning a double date. On the date, Georgia and Jo falsely inform the two farmers that they grow their own produce in their apartment and invite them to dinner. In order to keep up with their charade for a second date, Georgia and Jo plant different types of produce in the apartment as well as purchase a goat to make it seem like they make their own cheese – but can they keep it up, and are the two farmers worth all the effort?moreless
    • The Popular Chicks
      Episode 10
      Georgia brags to her archenemy that she has tickets to a Jason DeRulo concert.
    • 8/3/11
      Aunt Honey helps Georgia get her first big break on a primetime television show.
    • Foot in the Door
      Foot in the Door
      Episode 9
      Georgia is excited to find out that Aunt Honey has landed her a job on a TV show.
    • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
      Episode 8
      Georgia and Jo both deal with issues of respect when Georgia hosts a talent competition and Jo is concerned about her new hairstyle.
    • 8/3/11
      Despite Jo's problems at school, Georgia decides to take them both out for a night of dancing.
    • 8/3/11
      Georgia and Jo grow suspicious when Aunt Honey unexpectedly moves into their apartment.
    • 7/27/11
      Georgia is excited to book her first commercial gig. Meanwhile, Jo develops a crush on a surprising person.
    • The Mole
      Episode 4
      Georgia grows suspicious when she can't find any information online about her new boyfriend.
    • 7/13/11
      In order to reunite Aunt Honey with her old friend, Georgia decides to meddle in their affairs. Meanwhile, Georgia struggles with her friendship with Jo.
    • 7/6/11
      Georgia sets her sights on a new guy that works at the local yogurt shop. But when Jo points out Georgia's relationship issues, Jo wonders if they'll be able to continue going to the yogurt shop. In order to prevent this, Jo and her college friends plan to come up with the yogurt shop's secret recipe.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      When Georgia is rejected by a casting director because of her figure, she goes on a mission to prove that she fits the role. Meanwhile, Jo develops a crush on a guy that visits her at work.