The Greatest American Hero

ABC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 3/18/81
      Odd couple Ralph Hinkley (a liberal school teacher) and Bill Maxwell (a conservative FBI agent) are approached by aliens who give them a suit that grants superpowers to the wearer, with the caveat that it must be used for the common good.
    • The Greatest American Hero (2)
      Bill has Ralph use his new supersuit to thwart a Presidential assassination plot.
    • The Hit Car
      Episode 3
      After years of tracking Johnny the mobster, Bill thinks he has a chance to convict him. An ex girlfriend has agreed to testify but only if Bill personally drives her to the courthouse. They're attacked several times along the route, with Bill receiving repeated injuries. They arrive only to find out that the ditsy girlfriend is not as helpful as they thought she would be.moreless
    • 4/1/81
      Someone has stolen a secret gunsight. Bill again hopes to use the super suit to help solve the case. This time, however, Ralph has his own problems, he's unexpectedly turning invisible. To add to his worries, he's also scheduled to meet Pam's parents (Lockhart,Hastings) for the first time.
    • 4/8/81
      Bill reluctantly recruits Ralph's students to help him track down a Russian defector.
    • Reseda Rose
      Episode 6
      Ralph and Bill try to unravel a case involving secret military plans, a Russian submarine, and the kidnapping of Rhonda's mother.
    • Ralph takes advice from his childhood hero The Lone Ranger after he almost kills a busload of people by accident while busting some crooks.
    • Fire Man
      Episode 8

      Tony is hired to repossess cars, and unknowingly takes a car filled with arson equipment. He gets pulled over, and blamed for setting fires. The real arsonist must be found in order to clear his name, and free him from jail.

    • 5/13/81
      Ralph becomes vice-principal of Whitney High, Pam becomes a partner at her law firm, and Bill - well, he gets the shaft. In the middle of a mid-life crisis, Bill is so depressed after being passed over for promotion that he decides to quit the FBI but not before one last adventure with Ralph. Mission: rescue Pam from the mob connections of the law partner who just promoted her.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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