The Greatest American Hero

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1982 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The episode claims that one of the symptoms of smallpox is a swollen tongue. There is no such symptom for smallpox.

    • In the episode "Plague" Both Hotel rooms IE: Pam's room and Bill's Room Are room 127. Apparently they could only afford one room and used the single room and shot them at different angles.

    • Skydiving is clearly used for the fall scene, and the guys are like 10,000 feet up. Last time I checked, helicopters don't go that high!

    • You can see the reserve parachute on Ralph's leg while he catches the falling Bill.

  • Quotes

    • Bill: I know, I know how you feel, I do! Nobody wants his tongue to swell up and turn black, throat to close up on 'em, spinal column goes into spasms and locks, you die in a cold sweat. Nobody wants that!
      Ralph: (terrified) THOSE ARE THE SYMPTOMS?!?!?!

    • Ralph: Happiness is a warm pistol? That's a nice piece of American tribute.
      Bill: Yeah, I know isn't that terrible. I told them pistola and they left the 'a' off, the creeps!

    • Bill: No I'm not! I'm a great liar!

    • Bill: You know Villicana, they got this terrific youth authority up in the mountains. They got swings, and a slide, teeter-totters, and 200 hard case morons for you to play with.
      Tony: My man Maxwell! You know just the other day I was sayin' "where is that great buy Maxwell?" He hasn't been around much.
      Bill/:President of my fan-club!

    • Bill: I want this case! I like it a lot! I eat bugs for breakfast!

    • Ralph: Bill, are you OK? What's wrong with your knees?
      Bill: Fear. Or... I'm drunk.
      Ralph: No, you're not drunk.
      Bill: Then I'm alive!
      (laughs nervously)
      Bill: Thank you, Ralph. Thanks very much.

  • Notes

    • Original song, performed by Joey Scarbury: "Don't Let Me Down". Appears in the scene where Ralph saves Bill after he's dropped out of the helicopter.

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