The Greatest American Hero

ABC (ended 1983)





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  • Greatest American Hero is great fun for the whole family. The show was written superbly and has an unforgettable cast of characters. GAH has been recently released on DVD.

    I was very young when this show was originally broadcast, but I remember it fondly. Now available on DVD, I am getting to enjoy it all over again. I would characterize the show as an action/comedy. So there is plenty of fun, but the reason that I enjoy this show so much is the characters.

    The title refers to Ralph Hinkley, the reluctant hero who makes mistakes, but always manages to make it work out in the end. There is FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, the tough-as-nails veteran who knows it all. Rounding out the three stars is Pam Davidson, the beautiful and highly intelligent lawyer who is also Ralph’s girlfriend. The dialogue between these three is just wonderful.

    There is of course a high level of campiness in this show. Some of the special effects are fairly cheesy. And you can tell that the budget for this show was low, because the same effects are used over and over again. But the writing is just great.

    Stephen J. Cannell created Greatest American Hero. And, I believe, that he attempted to use the show to tell stories about the human condition. What would the average person do if he were suddenly given a suit with super-powers? How would he use it? How would it change his life?

    The show was cancelled after only 43 episodes (including a two hour pilot). Years later, a spin-off pilot was made called the Greatest American Heroine. For several years, there has been talk/rumors about a feature film. But in the meantime, check out those DVDs and enjoy the show!