The Greatest American Hero

ABC (ended 1983)





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  • Everybody remembers the theme to this!

    Another DVD set I just received for my birthday. My friend Steve ordered this on Amazon from the States & I couldn’t remember any specific episodes but I sure could remember the theme.

    I’ve bought a lot of TV show DVDs & browsing on-line I’ve thought once & awhile what I’d love to make it to DVD & see again. Charlie’s Angels, Dukes of Hazzard, Melrose Place. This would’ve been right near the top because 24 years later; I still know the opening verse. Even people at work remember it & have sung it to me as soon as I mentioned it.

    Apart from the theme, really all I remembered about it was a curly haired, blonde guy in a daggy red suit, working with some stiff in a suit to do good.

    Watching it again, I can see why I like it as a kid but as an adult, I nearly split my sides laughing at it. It was just so goodie goodie that it was ridiculous but fabulous.

    This is one DVD that I’ll bring out when visitors come over!

    I recommend every 70's child to watch this again.