The Greatest American Hero

ABC (ended 1983)





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  • Greatest American Hero is about a normal guy like you and me. Hes hardworking and good at what he does. On a class field trip he gets lost and he ends up meeting a guy named Bill and they end up seeing aliens who give them a special suit and book to use.

    First time I saw this show I must of been five or six years old. I was pulled in. It was like a ordinary guy being a superman of all things. Many years later im still a fan of this show. It might have to do with me being a fan of what Stephen J. Cannell has done for Tv shows in the 1980s. I have to say this has to be a trendsetter for those who are normal and want to be something extra ordinary. And do those special things that seperate you from the rest. This is right up there with believing in yourself and doing it when it matters most. Many years later I have these all on dvd. But there missing some of the original songs from the series. Something is better then nothing I guess. There has been talk of a big screen movie on and off. I know the A-Team movie is coming. I cant wait. I guess will all see what happens from here. Ill keep my fingers crossed for a GAH movie.